Thursday , March 23 2023


We received with great joy and delight, the final verdict of the Supreme Court on a matter instituted by Chief Maxi Okwu against Chief Victor Umeh on the leadership of our great party APGA.

Our delight is not on who won or lost but on the final closure to a matter that has lingered for a while, a matter that could have been resolved much earlier than now in a brotherly and sisterly manner.

As a political party, we are delighted about the possibilities that will become now that we have become one.

We are very aware of the obstacles that had been thrown on the ways of some of our candidates including our BoT Chairman and Leader in the past by some elements in the opposing group within. We are mindful of the visible support some members of the faction within gave to our opponents in Imo and other States, most especially in Abia State where these elements came out openly and supported other candidates in the Governorship and other elections. We believe that this judgement must have mellowed them to reason. As a party founded on the principles of being our brothers and sisters keepers, we are very willing to forgive if they can sober up and retrace their steps, if God can forgive, APGA must forgive as to move forward. Let there not be a reoccurrence, “OZOEMEKWANA”

This is the time to throw our collective weights behind our BoT Chairman and Leader, His Excellency Chief Dr. Willie Obiano and National Leadership of our party under Chief Dr. Victor Ike Oye.

We must not be under any illusion about the challenges ahead of all of us, we must align to conquer.

Very soon, through the special grace of Almighty God, His Excellency Dr. Alex Oti will take his seat in Abia, the burden of leadership will be lighter, the journey will get more exciting and more territories will be conquered.

We look forward to celebrating the exploits of APGA in Enugu State very soon with Chief Maxi Okwu, we are excited about the possibilities of sharing the APGA platform again with Osisioma Igbo, Chief Dr. Chike Obidigbo, we cannot afford to lose the benefits of the talents of these gentlemen.

In clear spirit of Igwebuike, collectively, we shall all come to appreciate the hand of God in our destiny that has never allowed our party to go under.

We must appreciate our former National Chairman, Chief Sir Victor Umeh OFR, who has consistency and determination to keep APGA alive, Ohamadike Ndigbo, you are a true Igbo son, let us appreciate our new National Chairman Chief Dr Victor Ike Oye for his creative abilities and the innovations that he introduced into our fold and commitment to take our dear party to higher heights.

Let us appreciate the accommodating style of our BoT Chairman and Leader, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, Akpokuo Ndigbo who has made the burden lighter through his open door and reconciliatory policy, APGA is on its way to becoming the main and only voice that will save Nigeria.

We must anchor on this victory and move ahead to take the Anambra Central Senatorial seat, APGA MUST GO TO THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. Our voice will resonate soon through a man that fears not for himself, a man with great courage and guts, a man blessed by God and equipped with enough capacity to re-engineer our collective destiny at the centre, Chief Sir Victor Umeh, Ohamadike Ndigbo.

With Dr. Alex Oti in-charge of the government affairs in Abia State and Akpokuo collaborating with him in marshaling out the best programmes for Ndigbo, we shall come to the realisation that God has great love for APGA.

Let the internal bad blood stop
Let us prepare to take our position in Nigeria.
APGA shall be super great soonest, Akpokuo is very ready.

Thank you all.

Hon Chinedu Nkwonta
State Publicity Secretary, APGA

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