Jimoh Moshood, Police Spokesman Gets Another Promotion In Less Than A Year

The promotion of 3,665 senior officers of the Nigeria Police Force by the Police Service Commission is full of illegalities, Nigeria’s burgeoning online integrated media platform, ALEDEH can authoritatively report.

This online medium recalls that the Mike Okiro’s led PSC approved the promotion of 3,665 senior Police officers in a statement published on its official website on Wednesday, June 13.

The promotion was one of the high points of the Commission’s 28 Plenary Meeting which ended in Abuja on Friday, June 8th, 2018. The Plenary Meeting was the last official function of the Mike Mbama Okiro PSC Board whose tenure came to an end on Monday, June 11th, 2018.

A fact check by ALEDEH, however, reveals that PSC did not mention some of the controversial names of those promoted on the Commission’s website and this act has helped in way, cover up its illegal actions.

ALEDEH gathered that out of the over 3600 promoted officers not more than 1000 are on merit. Over 600 officers were promoted from SP to CSP and about 300 from DSP to SP. Similarly, unconfirmed inspectors and ASPs were promoted to ASPs and DSPs respectively.

The list released by the PSC also shows that 32 CSP on merit list were promoted to ACP, however, no merit list from ACP to DCP, but 2 merits on the list of 17 DCS to CP.

ALEDEH gathered that the PSC also encouraged the illegality by promoting unconfirmed ASPs and Inspectors on acting capacity against the dictate of the civil service rule which states that “officers are required to sit and pass confirmation exams”. They must do that before they may be considered for another promotion.

Similarly, the extant rules on police promotion state that an officer for special promotion must have spent 3 years on the rank and not benefit from the special promotion in the preceding 5 years but today some officers promoted 2017 and 2018 are on the list while very senior officers are left in the cold. An example ALEDEH gathered is the Police Spokesman, Jimoh Moshood who is now a DCP.

ALEDEH gathered that out of 17 of those who were DCs only two of them were moved to their next rank. The others all came in on the “special promotion” list.

“This promotion isn’t only favouritism but fraudulent and criminal. Complete destruction of hierarchy in the Institution. Mr Okiro, his members including a director called Archibong are working hand in gloves with the leadership of the Police to destroy the Institution”, an officer told ALEDEH.

“Even the FPRO that was just promoted a few months ago to ACP is amongst officers promoted DCP. The CP in charge of Legal is already retired. He is promoted to AIG. He retired on June 2nd”, another visibly annoyed police officer said.

Our findings reveal that he is even number 84 on CP’s seniority list. Within one year he is getting the third special promotion, from ACP to DCP to CP and now AIG in retirement.

“It’s been a season of anomie and arbitrary promotion as there are allegations of  “officers only need to go with money or lick the a** of ‘Oga’, to get promotion,” a female officer told this reporter.

The same thing is being done in recalling officers earlier dismissed or retired 10 to 25 years ago. ALEDEH can report that they are not only being recalled into service but also being promoted and placed ahead of diligent and hard-working officers.

An officer, who was expecting justice from this list after series of complaints said “all special promotions being done, including for people like Kyari are fraudulent. Other Officers’ sweat is being used as the basis upon which few favourites are elevated”, the officer lamented.

ALEDEH can report that there’s also a conspiracy of silence in this promotion process. This online medium gathered that the ADC to Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo was an ASP when the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration came on board, but with this last promotion, he is a confirmed CSP. That is, he has always been given promotion every year.

In a similar vein, the Chief Personal Security officer to President Buhari was a CSP in 2015 but he is today an acting Commissioner of Police, findings by ALEDEH revealed.

The silence is deafening as some officers this reporter spoke to say, this illegality seems to have been sealed by adding as beneficiaries these two key officers attached to the presidency.

ALEDEH has been following developments in the Nigeria Police. We have noticed there’s low morale in the force owing to such tradition where those without godfathers remain on a rank for years while their junior colleagues rise to become their bosses.

The affected officers, however, call on the Presidency to step to the plate and pick the bones out. This is one corrupt act that must be tackled head-on. “A look at the list again is important. Let them look at it and remove those who didn’t benefit such and allow those who rightly deserve it to go”, said an officer.

Please note that this is a developing story as we will drop the breakdown of the promotion of the 3,665 senior officers of the Nigeria Police Force in the coming days.

SOURCE: Aledeh.com

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  1. This story is true as am among those affected .I was appointed 2012 and have been confirm ,but since many of my mates have been promoted some even to DSP.while am still inspr .the most annoying part is the last promotion ,they release promoting even those that are still on attached and yet to be confirm. I just fair for this kind job .I just tair for this kind country he dey worst pass as he bad.GOD will help me cos no one to cry or run to.

  2. What is going on in this country is very bad, i wonder the kind corruption they are fighting while things are not going the way it supposed, after gaining all these illegal promotion and at the end u would make heaven finally u perish in hell fire. I prayed God should help and deliver this country from the hands of wicked men Amen.

  3. Such colossal fraud is heart rendering and very disastrous for the police force of a developing nation, like Nigeria.
    The truth of the matter is very glaring, and if allowed to continue; will completely erode discipline, which is the bedrock of regimented organization like the police.
    This evil has been long in the Nigeria police force, but Okiro and co have taken it to the rooftop and alarming stage, that calls for urgent remedy.

  4. It’s so true, so disheartening and an act of high level of disregard to force order and public service rules. How can your mate be promoted two, three step ahead infact some got double promotion at once while others wait for years even while they work harder than them? Promotion is not on merit anymore and the institution and what it stood for has eroded. The whole Officers of the NPF are very angry and feed up with this illegal, corrupt and godfather issues.

  5. Idle people. Promotion is by merit or seniority or extra ordinary performance. Some officer’s only look for postings and money. They are not interested in improving the service. If Alladeh can complain for the good deed of the President by declaring June 12 as democracy day what will he and others not complain off. Special promotion is for people who do extra ordinary things and not regular Police job.

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