The question of “what am I created for”, “what am I living for” and “what will I be remembered for”  are the three (3) major questions that determines a man’s success, attainments and relevance. Similarly, when you think of Physiotherapy as a profession; these three (3) questions come to mind:

  1. Why was the need for a Professional Association?
  2. Where are we now?
  3. What brought us to this point?

It is quite obvious that we have lost the professional values that brought us together at inception and if not retraced could send us into oblivion.

Physiotherapy like the pioneers will agree with me had suffered several setbacks in the first two decades, in which the stump left as a result of this traumatic prejudices remain one of our appendages by which we had crawl to stardom. We have been battered, marginalized and insulted at different levels but remained resilience and resolute in addressing our inadequacies that eventually paved way to our voices being heard and earned us where we are today.

However, looking back on the yester-years, we found out that we have been much more stronger than ever, bearing one anothers’ weaknesses and building on individuals strength. A wise man once said “Life is not made in isolation but in association”. No man has ever existed as an island, rather we all need each other to survive, and lift up the banner of Physiotherapy higher; re-discovering the professional values as well as keep the flag flying.

Whenever I think of what the future holds for the profession, particularly to younger generations, it seems like a term baby (pregnancy) aborted before its delivery date. In the light of this:

* We cannot afford to remain divided (ACAPN or NSP) – Nigeria Bar Association had similar irregularities in their last elections but were still united.

*We cannot abandon our project (Residency Program) that is almost coming to fruition – Medical Laboratory Scientists just got their Postgraduate program approved after Pharmacy, remember we were taking the lead before.

* We cannot give up on DPT – Optometrists and Pharmacists had started D.Opt & D.Pharm while D.MLS is in the pipeline. Remember the Physiotherapy Association in unity initiated the process that led to B.Sc Physio at University of Ibadan in 1962.

Finally, it is almost a year since KADA 2016,  yet time has not heal our wounds nor taken away our resentments. The earlier we resolve our differences, the better we arrive at a more stronger, re-engineered and formidable professional association governed by the rules. Alexander Pope in his words said “To err is human and to forgive is divine”. It usually takes a “bigger” person to forgive, as well as take away hurts and anger which makes us feel victimized and powerless. Let us remember that a life that is consumed by bitterness and resentment is hardly worth living. Hence, forgiveness is a display of humility and to recognize ones mistakes are two  important virtues a leader must possess to succeed.

Therefore, I humbly call on the entire Nigerian Physiotherapists home and abroad; practicing or retired; employed or unemployed; young and old; academic and clinical; member or trustee; ACAPN or NSP to help end this imbroglio. In togetherness lies our strength and survival.

I Stand for A United Physiotherapy Association

Long Live Nigerian Physiotherapists!!!!!

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!

Olarogba O. B. PT. MSc.,,  +2347030301714

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