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On July 20, myself and a group of like-minded young people went public to demand for an independent Social Media Directorate of PDP which was non-existing in the party. The demand for this #PDPOnlineDirectorate structure was so strong that the movement was determined to dump the party for a fresh alternative(Not APC/APGA/LP etx) if it continues the tradition of marginalising the youths that drives the social media community. In fact, after the names of National Convention Committee members was released without a single young person under the Nigeria defined Youth age, it was like we are done but we activated Plan B, which is to seek for viable alternative- we kept to it in line with our determination for a platform for next generation leaders.

On Friday August 13, I got a call from a comrade-in-struggle, someone I so respect, who is the leader of PDP National Youth Frontier, it was a surprised call in all honesty. He said, there is this humble man called Barrister Kabiru Usman, a former North Central Legal Adviser of PDP, immediate past National Legal Adviser of the party under the Ahmed Markafi-led National Caretaker Committee, who is in the race for the office of PDP National Publicity Secretary.

He went on to tell me how Barrister Kabiru Usman has identified with PDP Online Community and his pledge to have a structured Social Media Directorate on assumption to office. Not just that, i was opportuned to speak with the man Barrister Kabiru, he addressed me in respect like a brother despite the huge difference in “class” and life attainment. As excited as I was, I had to reach out to some believers/promoters of the movement to get their opinion. They all said, they love PDP but the future matters, and if the Barr Kabiru is keying into it then we should give him endorsement in line with our position as a group.

For emphasis sake, I had in a piece titled “PDP NATIONAL CONVENTION AND THE FUTURE OF NIGERIA YOUTHS” published on Swift Reporters and featured on Nairaland.com on July 27 opined that “instead of the tradition of sticking neck for contestants for various offices within the 21-member NWC of the party, specifically, the offices of National Chairman, National Publicity Secretary, National Youth Leader, DNPS, and DNYL, young people through the online community MUST extract commitments from candidates running for the aforementioned offices to ensure the implementation of #PDPOnlineDirectorate at all levels of the party.”

With the pledge of a Social Media Directorate structure and to ensure young peoples involvement in the running of the party from Barrister Kabiru, members that had faith in the movement gave the go-ahead for his endorsement, being that he is a believer in the youths and online community unlike the usual tradition of neglect and levity treatment.

Beyond his endorsement of a Social Media Directorate, Barrister Kabiru gave an hint on how he intend to handle PDP’s image in the interest of Nigeria. He doesn’t believe in politics of insult or destructive politics, he doesn’t believe that to win power he would have to be insulting the President and other chieftains of other parties, neither does he believe in ethnic or religious politics.

He believes that PDP has a fundamental internal problem that must be addressed, he believes in a PDP that must project an image of pro-Nigeria that has absolute respect for constitutionally recognised institutions even in disagreement with office-holders. He believes that PDP must engage the ruling party constructively, criticise when necessary, and propose better alternative for Nigerians. He believes in a PDP that will do away with the old order of impunity and imposition but will usher in democratic process of doing things, and encouragement of credible young people to play active role. This is a PDP we all dream of.

it is not a thing of surprised for a powerful bloc such as Kogi state PDP Elders forum to endorse Barrister Kabiru as their choice to represent Kogi state within the National Working Committee of PDP.

It is however unfortunate that another aspirant in the race for NPS had misinformed the public that PDP leaders in Kogi state had endorsed him, he specifically made mention of Ex-Governors Idris Wada and Ibrahim Idris. However, both men disclaimed it, Captain Wada specifically termed the so-called claim as “criminal”, while Ibrahim Idris maintained that he has NEVER met him in his entire life. I believe it is irresponsible for people to fake endorsement to deliberately misinform the public, and that is a sure sign of incompetence and fraud.

I can state emphatically that Barrister Kabiru Usman is the best man among others in the race for National Publicity Secretary. As a legal luminary of the highest standard, he is poised to discharge his duty with sense responsibility to the law. As a believer of social media community and independent structure for online PDP members and supporters, he surely deserve the absolute support of all online members.

With fear of God and in pursuit of a better Nigeria, I on behalf of #PDPOnlineDirectorate movement endorse Barrister Kabiru Usman as our candidate for the Office of the National Publicity Secretary of PDP. By the grace of God he shall emerge victorious.

May God Bless Us All and Bless Nigeria.
Power To The People…
Change The Change

Inioribo Tamunotonye

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