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Hierarchy is a most desired position for all civil services and public services in Nigeria, where the superior climbs the ladder first. Here, it is a common thing for superiors to wield forces like demi gods to the chagrin of their subordinates. It is a popular myth that the Nigerian Police Force is a false of the duties it claims to perform. For instance, the current Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotum Idris is a vivid example of this. He works by mingling partisan politics, bias, favoritism and indignities in the course of discharging is duties. Like all doers of these he is not without scandals.

The 19th indigenous Nigeria Police Chief is adorned with chains of scandals On his appointment about two years ago, there were pronounced agitation on his competence to lead the force. Prior to his appointment, the former Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase (Rtd.) already issued him four administrative queries on his incompetent performance. Whilst contending his last query, he was appointed by the Presidency to take over the leadership of the force.

More to spite his predecessor, IGP Idris blackmailed his predecessor, accusing him of stealing over 20 vehicles belonging to the NPF. This was a façade to have his pound of flesh but good always prevails, as Solomon Arase was vindicated.

Still on the trail of his scandals, Senator Misau came up with grave allegations of massive fraud running into billions of naira, perpetuated under the supervision of IGP Idris. The allegation was not addressed, as the police media machinery poured their venom on the senator and accused him of forgery and other miscellaneous crimes. As a payback, the Senator was issued a retirement letter by the Police Service Commission. The confirmation of the retirement letter made the force a slapstick comedy to Nigerians.

Another scandal on IGP’s Idris line is the allegation by a Mr. Austine Ugochukwu Albert on bribery by IGP Idris to overturn the case of fraud he lodged before the police. Ugochukwu has since petition the President on this.

The scandal which appears to hold the fancy of Nigerians is the absurd promotion of Amina, IGP’s Idris mistress from a Police Corporal to Police ASP in a spate of 12 months. ASP Amina was the prominent character in a widely circulated social media story dubbed ‘’IGP IBRAHIM IDRIS IN ANOTHER PHASE OF SCANDAL.’’ Though the story was denied by the pseudo media pawns of the IGP, it has always resonated in any police formation because of the inappropriate promotion. Amina is alleged to wield such great influence that many senior officers are sending returns to her.

Amina’s promotion is not the only one in the long strings of absurd promotions, as there are plethoras of Police officers who have benefitted from the ridiculous promotions. According to information circulating round, Mr. Garba the current Commissioner of Anambra state was an ACP and promoted to the rank of CP within a year.

Mr Ali Janga was also an ACP last year and was promoted to the rank of DCP in less than 12 months, then promoted to acting CP and made to replace a vibrant CP in Kogi state.

Mr Muawiya was DSP last year, and was promoted to SP the same year and then to CSP 3 months ago; he is now the CSO Government house Kano.

Mr. Kolo of Federal SARS, was promoted to the rank of CSP last year and is now the ACP. His name is among those sent to Police Service Commission for elevation to the position of DCP.

It has been alleged that no IGP of the NPF has been graced with such rows of scandals like IGP Idris. However questions are still raised pertaining to this, has Nigerians are puzzled if this could be a defamatory act, smear campaign or acts of jealousy on the office of the IGP- who many people believe is repositioning and restructuring the force.

The question still looms is it A YAY OR NAY, or the Nigerian phenomenon of looking more and seeing less?


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