Monday , November 21 2022


The Honorable Minister,

Ministry of Education,
Federal Secretariat,



ASUP just suspended the eight months old strike it embarked upon, after an assurance by you for time to look into their grievances and seek solution to the issues raised.

Before going into the main issue, I want to congratulate you(Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau  on your appointment as new minister of education, giving you an opportunity to affect  millions of lives today and generations to come.

Nigerians in their usual manner are singing your praise  for a Job well done, some say you are the best man for the job,” you have the magic stick” ” you are man who understand his duty”  unlike the minister of state Bar Chisom Wike who could not end the strike for eight months, that he was dissipating his energy in Rivers state politics because of his Gubernatorial ambition.

Good as it may sound for your praise singers, the strike was not called off but suspended, non of the issues have been resolved, you only pleaded for time like every new appointee  of government to look into the issues properly, and you have been given three months breathing space to resolve the issues on the table.

The people of Kano state too gave you a heroic and rousing welcome on friday, Sir  this is the part to political failure if you are not careful, you will be carried away with their flattery,  remember you have less than a year to prove them right or wrong that you are the right person for the Job.

ASUP have suspended this strike actions previously like  they just did for you now, what happens after three months is what you should be thinking about,  will other unions start their own?

Your Job is not an enviable one, like Mr president told you but you can rise to the occasion, great leaders are known by their ability to solve complex problems. Use this few months to prove to Nigerians that you have what it takes to Lead the country like you sounded during your 2011 presidential campaign.

You have been given an opportunity to write your Name in Gold, the time is short but you can maximize it or waste it like others, one of them is now leading campaign of #bringbackourgirls when she could not make school safe during her time as minister of education.

Starting well is good but how you end is most important, this same people singing your praise today will tomorrow throw curses at you for poor performance, my advice is remain focused on your Job as a minister sir.

I don’t intend to waste your time or bore you  with plenty writing but remember BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Yours Sincerely,
Toroko Amos

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