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Senator Ifeanyi Okowa upon assumption in office knew there were
expectations from him from the good people of Delta State, few days
after his swearing-in, he appointed his secretary to the state
government SSG Bar Festus Ovie Agas, the Director General of his
campaign organization, they were encomiums on Dr. Okowa; that has
rekindled the people’s hope of his ‘’monkey work, monkey chop’’

But in order for his administration to succeed on his SMART agenda
geared on prosperity for all Deltans, he needed people who will help
him to preach the gospel in all the nooks and crannies of Delta State.
Even when Jesus Christ was preaching the gospel of His father, he
committed twelve disciples that would assist him in preaching the
gospel, ought out of the twelve disciples Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus

Few weeks back Dr. Okowa who is known for his result oriented,
appointed his twelve disciples that will help him disseminating his
prosperity for all Deltans gospel the appointment of his twelve
disciples (commissioner) was an indication that he is out for
prosperity if you ask me.
The disciples were strategically placed, from environment to
transport, and to all spheres of human endeavors. And my prayers is
that neither of them will betray their master like the case of Jesus

Consequently, for Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa administration to achieve his
SMART agenda geared on prosperity at the grass root, there is need for
him to be careful on who heads DESOPADEC in his administration,
DESOPADEC being an interventionist cum parastal agency if the
DESOPADEC amendment bill scaled through at the house assembly, a grass
root politician or administrator should man the headship of DESOPADEC
as Director.

Without much ado, Dr. Henry Ogheneochuko Ofa, the immediate past
DESOPADEC commissioner is whom the cap fits considering his
antecedents in previous appointments, upon his appointment as
DESOPADEC commissioner a lot was expected from him but to the surprise
to everyone, performed beyond expectation.
Born on the 8th January 1965 of Adagboyerin, Oghara extraction has
been able to affect the lives of men and women in different sphere of
Had brilliant performance and outings all through his schooling days
from primary to the university ‘’as an intelligent chap’’. Being a
trained teacher and administrator he never did badly before going into
active politics.

As a secretary to local education board, SUBEB, board member DBS,
Warri, loyal party man and the immediate past DESOPADEC commissioner
representing Urhobo nationality has been able to prove his worth with
tremendous positive impacts.

Being a man who has made selfless servant leadership and betterment
of his people his watchword, he has been able to enthroned leadership
of his people first in the confines of his powers, being always ready
to sacrifice all and lots to the well-being of all.

His non sectional leadership in his leadership capacities that has
earned him general acceptability on who man the DESOPADEC as Director,
opinion sampled were not different owing to the fact that he is the
best DESOPADEC commissioner who have represented urhobo nation and
secondly was the first DESOPADEC commissioner that has built and put
into use DESOPADEC zonal offices that he built in Ethiope west, Sapele
and Okpe local government.

A replica of what a true husband and father must be, Dr. Ofa has been
able to prove this in his home through his children exemplary and
proper upbringing in character and morals and also showing love and
affection for his entire family.

As a man with passion and great humility, he displays level of
sensibility and listening ears for the people through tender -loving
that has made people refer to him as ‘’a man with the golden heart’’.
This can be buttress on my recent chat with Dr. Okowa when I was
wishing the governor happy birthday, in the chat I brought the issue
of Dr. Ofa, his verge to clique the Director position of DESOPADEC
Delta state Oil Producing Areas and Gas Commission as the case may be,
the governor made a brunt confession that Dr. Ofa has pay his dues,
and as such he will not be left out in his government. The governor
lamented the pressure by prominent person in Oghara to appoint his son
as commissioner. The governor said that Dr. Ofa has made a remarkable
mark and as such he should be rewarded.

Dr. Ofa, a peace loving man with soft spot and feeling, for his
people, has never advocated for vendetta, rather has always sued for
peace, seeking love and unity among all and never seek the opposite,
always saying that ‘’no meaningful development can thrive in an
atmosphere of crisis and acrimony’’.

His been down to earth and gentle personality has distinguishes him
from his peers, and his peace advocacy has earned him the traditional
chieftaincy title as the ‘’Ame of Oghara kingdom’’. He is not known to
be braggarts, bigots and boorist, as this can be seen in his simple
nature, characteristics of his easily accessible life style to the
people which I believe must have developed from his humble family
background and fear of God in built in him.

With Chief Dr. Henry Ofa at the helm of affairs of the Delta State
Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, DESOPADEC, the treasury
will be guaranteed to be in safe haven and will be used for people
oriented projects geared towards achieving the prosperity for all
Deltans of the state government.

This is no doubt, with Ofa manning DESOPADEC headship, treasury met
for projects will not be converted to personal accounts under his
watch as a man whom account of stewardship speaks volume.

The era of treating all and sundry in the state citizenry un-equally
shall be put behind bars if only Dr. Ofa would be appointed to head
DESOPADEC because he believes that the DESOPADEC shall be egalitarian
for all to strive as no doubt he will re-write negative pasts of
DESOPADEC to the much anticipated one.

I make bold to say with DESOPADEC under Dr. Ofa who has written his
name with gold in all facets of life, cannot afford to disappoint his
people if given the mantle of leadership in DESOPADEC, so I submit.

Kparobo M. Ehvwubare is a journalist writes from Oghara, could be reach

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