Tuesday , November 29 2022


Secret reporters

We live in a world where politics has replaced philosophy, where the bedrock of looting has become the attitude of selfishness. A world where nations are ruined when politicians think for themselves first before thinking about anyone else without considering the effect it will have on society.

This seems to be the perfect description of the eastern heartland, as Information reaching our news desk has it on reliable ground that the leagues of looters parading themselves as people’s representatives who in August last year assembled and held a meeting in other to loot Public funds which were made available for the establishment of ICT centers in their various LGAs as part of their constituency project are none other than the honorable members of Imo state house of assembly.

SecretReporters gathered that these unworthy honorable members went further to sign off the money for the execution of the contract through their preferred contractors as a report has it that apart from few of the lawmakers most of them do not even have building plans talk less of having a project in the phase of completion. Even those that managed to complete theirs did not equip it. Apparently, boasting of an ICT center without computers

It was further revealed that more than N20million was actually paid to each of them to proceed with the project with regards to the undertaking which they signed through the speaker RT. Hon. DR. Acho Ihim over the constituency projects embarked upon by the 8th Assembly of the government of Imo state.

It was also alleged that these looting disciples out of greed and as a means to enrich their wormhole pockets also signed to supervise and ensure the handover of the projects to Imo state government by the contractors billed to execute the constituency projects in their various LGAs.

Documents in our possession also revealed that in a cunning move by Rt. Hon. Acho to portray due process and accountability by ensuring effective supervision and timely completion of the projects by the contractors as specified, the speaker of the house mandated that the project was to be completed on or before the 31st of August, 2016, as failure to supervise and ensure completion of the project by each house member was to attract a deduction of an amount of money from their monthly earnings which till date has turned into a fairy tale.

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