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Secret Reporters

When Governor Udom Emmanuel proscribed cultism in Akwa Ibom state, the move was applauded by all and sundry as a step in the right direction following a spate of cult related activities in some local government areas of the state.

Apparently, the proscription has not gone down well with the affected cult groups and some have pledged to start a war in the state.

One of the many cult groups in the state, the Islanders, in a video message directed to the governor and posted on few social media platforms, have demanded amnesty for their crimes and threatened to kill the governor and continue wrecking havoc if their demand for amnesty is not met by the State Government. Speaking in Ibibio, they bluntly told the Governor that “if you don’t give us what to eat, we will keep killing and even kill you too”.

The video which was obtained by Secret Reporters showed the Islanders displaying different high caliber guns and making their threat known. “In a state where cultists are threatening the governor, it leaves a lot to be desired and begs the question whether the lives and properties of the citizens are actually safe”, says a pundit.

Over the past six months, cult groups have destroyed lives and property worth over N1billion and the government have done little or nothing about it according to our findings. These bandits go about unhindered and have unfettered access to their targets without opposition from security forces in the state.

Also named in the indicting video is the former Militant leader, now Amanyanabo of Okochiri town in Wakirike, Rivers State, Ateke Tom, who the cultists referred to as their “Abuja Daddy”. In the said video, the cultists claim they have been used and dumped by Governor Udom and as such they demand for amnesty with immediate effect, with failure to comply resulting in more loss of lives and properties.

It could be recalled that during the reign of the former governor, the state experienced the worst reign of terror involving kidnapping and assassination of citizens who were mostly political opponents of the former governor.

With Governor Udom Emmanuel indicted in the video, could the proscription earlier made by the governor be a bid to save face and disassociate himself from these cultists who claim they’ve been used and dumped by the governor?

Below is the video obtained by Secret Reporters.

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