Traffic control involves guiding/directing vehicle drivers, pedestrian, bicyclist etc around a construction zone, accident or other road disruption, ensuring the safety of the general public.

The course and duty of the traffic control force in Warri south local government in delta is now being misused and misapplied by hoodlums, who do not know the meaning and course of their uniform. Lots of accidents has being recorded which occurred as a result of the stupid hoodlums our government has given uniforms to exact their tout (Agbero) act on innocent citizens.

A victim of this official/uniform hoodlums in Warri south local government council just disclosed this information to Secret Reporters on his ordeal and how the hoodlums extracted a whooping some of 25,000 from him in this hard Buhari regime.

The victim said it happened around 3.55 pm on his way to go pick up his wife, he was stopped b three (3) fierce and criminal looking touts, smelling and reeking of cigarette and alcohol who claimed to be working for Warri south L.G, he said the wore sleeveless jacket with an inscription “Environmental/traffic Control force”, they said they are delta state traffic personnel (but different from the new management personnel under chief Steve Dieseruvwe). He pulled over at a bus top to take an important call when the forced themselves into his car (showing they are touts/thieves working with uniforms) they started to beat and rough handled him, he was forced to drive them to VIO office close to BEDC office opposite delta boat yard Warri, The locked up his car tyre and was forced and asked to pay 35,000 or else will be made to pay 105,000, he had to transfer 25,000 naira to the accounts of one of the criminals that are legitimate staff of Warri local government.

Citizens no longer drive their cars in peace; they get to settle several touts/hoodlums “PAY-PASS” in an hour drive. Our government is filled with hoodlums as politicians ranging from our law makers, governors, senators, local government chairmen and uniform workers etc, suppressing the innocent citizens who are scared of the touts releasing a bullet on them.

At times like this, the citizens become helpless especially when in trouble, being raped or robbed since our so called government protectors, guides and uniform men are arguable the perpetrators of this heinous crimes.

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