Monday , November 21 2022


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The poverty of the Nigerian Police Force was fully on display on Saturday as one of their men nearly killed a Journalist and Human Rights Activist, John Eneh on his way to leave the State enroute Arik Air from the Ibom International Airport.

Numerous sources who called our news desk confirmed that the Journalist who was driving to the airport was in company of some top Mobil Staff when a hilux vehicle signaled them to leave the way.
Aware that they had no right to ask for such privilege, he continued driving only for the Hilux to attempt hitting the car from behind, which prompted him to stop. The hilux also stopped and a policeman came down with his horse whip and flogged him before speeding up. Our source stated that he was guarding a white man. Who probably works in one of the construction firms.

The journalist suspecting they were going to the same way (Airport) followed him and caught up with him at the Airport park; where he challenged him for flogging him. At this junction, the policeman with name tag, Peter Odah and with 424526 as his number threatened to shoot and kill him and nothing will happen. This led to a gathering of Airport security and travelers who pleaded with Eneh to let him go.

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