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774,000 Sanitation Officers

There are four immediate needs for the PHCs. They are the closest behaviour change sensitization outlets and the grassroots channel to engage traditional and faith-based gatekeepers. They must continue to administer routine immunisation and remain the rounded framework to coordinate the 774,000 new sanitation officers mooted by the FG. [DATAPHYTE]

N6.07 trillion

The second National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP-II) that is expected to cost up to N6.07 trillion, an updated appraisal of achievements since its implementation is necessary. The level of investment does not show any commitment to a plan that is meant to better primary health care services in the country. [DATAPHYTE]

N781bn FAAC

Despite the drop in oil revenues amid the ravaging impact of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) on Wednesday shared about N780.9 billion to the three tiers of government for March 2020. [PREMIUM TIMES]

N10 trillion Subsidy

In 2019, while Nigeria operated with a deficit of ₦1.92tn, about 10 percent (₦1tn) of its budget was spent on PMS subsidy! Positively, the oil price crisis present government the opportunity to review its oil subsidy policy. Even as the country has reportedly transited to a deregulated oil regime. That appears to be a step in the right direction considering oil subsidy sapped about ₦10tn between 2006 and 2018. [DATAPHYTE]

10,000 Tests

The figures provide an insight into the national COVID-19 outlook – with 665 cases from less than 10,000 tests, what is the possible number in the country with about 200 million people? Perhaps the most problematic dilemma raised by these figures bothers on the effectiveness of the lockdown. Without the lockdown, would the figures have been more or much more? [DATAPHYTE]

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