Tuesday , November 22 2022


Secret Reporters

Scores of Nurses working at the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital, UNIMEDTH Ondo State, who are being owed for almost 8 months are currently living in fear following the inexplicable disappearance of their colleague Nurse Adeleke Taiwo in a clear case of privacy violation and intimidation after he was issued a query regarding a post he made on a social media messaging app against the tyrannical maltreatment of staff members by the management.

According to sources who confided in SecretReporters, Nurse Adeleke Taiwo was issued a query allegedly because of the post he made on Whatsapp. Surprisingly, on getting to the office of the Head Nursing Sciences Mr Ajetunmobi F. O, to submit a response to the query issued to him, he was issued another query for coming late with the initial query.

Arguably victimized and going through a lot of depression despite having to work and care for patients at the same while trying to stay alive with no pay for more than half a year, Nurse Adeleke in his last seen WhatsApp status wrote ”If anything happens to me, you all know who to hold responsible. I’m depressed. This might be the end. I am not safe anymore.”

Sources squealed to SecretReporters that Nurse Adeleke Taiwo has not been seen or heard from after he handed over his shift at the Accident and Emergency Unit of the hospital in the evening of the same day.

With no trace to his whereabouts and his known mobile numbers not reachable, an official report was made by the family to the Nigerian Police as they pleaded amidst tears to anyone with information on his whereabouts to help in locating him.

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