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James Adamu Kwaki

Our attention has just been drawn to a comment made by the Former Governor of Niger State, Engr. A.A Kure on the Ministerial Nomination of Alhaji Ahmed Musa Ibeto as the Minister to represent Niger State in the Buhari led administration.

In summary, Kure ended up saying that, if it is morally right for the All Progressive Congress, APC, to have a Minister, Governor, SSG and some powerful permanent secretaries all from Zone C where Governor Abubakar Sani Bello came from. Governor Kure apparently lamented and sympathizes with the people of Zone B Senatorial district for what it seems clear as a marginalization of a people from a Zone that gave the highest Votes during the last governorship elections.

Kure observed that such a Zone shouldn’t have been denied the position of the SSG and Minister to compensate their efforts. Kure has spoken well. But all Kure said were NOTHING NEW to what our dynamic and amiable Senator David Umaru and some social media publishers had highlighted regarding same marginalization issue of Zone B.

Posers for Kure as an advocate of fairness.

You ruled Niger State for 8years as a Governor
Your wife, Hajiya Zainab Kure was first lady for 8 years

You vowed that your wife will never go to the Senate (Remember your widely publicized chat with Mohammed Haruna ?) Yet, she went to the senate as Senator representing Zone A, where she picked her nomination from Lapai, Governor Kure’s home town and Local Government. She was in the Senate for 8 years.

Kure turned his eye on the other side when his wife decided to go for the 3rd term as a Senator and she was denied ticket by the people of Lapai. The desperate Senator Zainab Kure rushed to Enagi, her Village to pick the nomination form to contest for the Senate again, after the Former State Party Chairman, Alhaji Abdulrahman Enagi had picked his nomination form for the same political office. When Senator Zainab Kure was asked why she decided to pick her nomination ticket from Enagi, She replied “The first 8years of my ticket was from Lapai, where my husband comes from, now I am picking from my own home town” Chei.

The primaries were conducted and Zainab emerged winner with the huge financial support of her husband, Engr. A.A Kure. Where was Engr. Kure when all these rubbish was going on in his Zone ? Why did he remained mute despite the marginalization of the Enagi People by his Wife ? Anyway God answered Governor Kure’s hypocrisy by not allowing his wife to win in the general elections as the tornadoes of the APC Swept her away. Kure should leave the problems of Zone B to the people because we have a strong crusader, Senator David Umaru that is championing our course.

Finally, it is very unfortunate for Kure to talk on issues concerning APC while his Party, the PDP is still suffering from political constipation in it by the APC-Vaccine. To say the least, Kure has goofed. Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has since assured the people of Zone B that the issue of political marginalization trying to tear Niger State apart, is being addressed for the better. He made this statement 5 days ago on his return from medical check-up abroad. So, what does Kure Want ? Shut-Up Please.

Moreover, who appointed Engr. Kure as the spokesman of the good people of Zone B ? Dear Engr. Kure, please Senator David Umaru is our Leader and he has been doing his job diligently.

The Part 2 of my piece on Engr. Kure titled “Kure As The Architect Of The Present Political Problems Of Niger State” Coming Soon

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  1. But what kure is a fact. You are just doing what you accused kure of doing in the past.

  2. But what kure said is a fact. You are just doing what you accused kure of doing in the past. You are also concealing the truth.

  3. Kure keep quiet, u had the opportunity to give the people of zone B the mandate but you dinnied them.when u brought Gunna.mind u d monomination of Ebeto is done by PMB not ABU lolo.u want zone B ppl to vote for PDP for the next local government election. Is not possible.

  4. Ibrahim shuaibu

    This is bull shit from Adam kwaki. You are just telling us about the history of kure and his wife’s political struggle instead of defending kure’s allegations. Also, you can’t shut up his mouth because as a leader he can speak for everyone, every sector, every tribe, every religion; this is beside his freedom of speech. Kwaki you are not sincere.

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