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When tales of 21st-century tyrants and Executive rascals will be read to generations unborn, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State will no doubt top the list of Governors who take pleasure in trampling on the rights of her citizens whose only crime was going to the polls to elect them.

Following reports from this online news medium which exposed the executive lawlessness of the Ebonyi State Governor Dave Umahi, who illegally detained the Founder/ Executive Director of Economic Strategic Growth and Development Initiative of Africa (ESGADIA) Obinna Agommuo, the hand of the Governor has been forced to immediately release the Economic investor but not without running amok with his customary show of greed and impunity.

In a petition seen by SecretReporters dated 6th February 2020, Obinna Agummuo alleged that while he was illegally detained at the Ebonyi State DSS facility in Abakaliki, the Director of the Command Chief Maduagwuna, in carrying out the orders of the Governor made several attempts to assassinate him to pave way for the diversion of a loan worth over $148million equivalent to about N52,200,000,000 (Fifty-Two Billion Two Hundred Million Naira) meant for the construction of an Olympic-size Stadium and International Cargo Airport in the State to their private pockets.

“I am further constrained to write you to come to my rescue on the grossly compromising position of the Ebony State Director of the DSS, Chief Maduagwuna, whom the Governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi has virtually turned into his hatchet man to satisfy the Governor’s ego trip in the state. This petition has become necessary as the unlawful collaboration has now become life-threatening to me and clear attempt on my life over the Governor’s reading of a legitimate business intervention proposal submitted to the Governor, over which the Governor invited the State Director and gave him directive to lock me and three others in the DSS custody in Abakaliki” Obinna revealed.

It was gathered that despite various evidences showing that the business was legitimate and confessions by the UBA bank manager Mr Sam Ogba, that he misled the Governor into thinking that the demand by the German-based company for a Standby Letter of Credit and Irrevocable Confirmed Letter of Credit as fraudulent, Chief Maduagwuna for fear of the Governor refused to release Mr Obinna.

“…while Mr Chuks was having this conversation with Me, regards his meeting with the UBA Banker who misled the Governor, Chief Maduagwuna, the Director of SSS reviewing the report on our case written by one of the Personnel, sub-consciously read aloud ‘Standby Letter of Credit was misconstrued as Irrevocable Letter Credit’ at this point the Director shouted at the Personnel, why would you use the term Misconstrued? Do you want to put me in trouble with the Governor? Please I don’t want to have any problem with the Governor”.

It was at that point I knew something was fishy. Chief Maduagwuna, the Director of SSS Ebonyi State command decided to align his office with that of Governor Dave Umahi’s office. He was doing the bidding of the Governor and not following the outcome of his investigation; he chose to be a willing tool in the hands of Governor Dave Umahi.”

Further indicting the DSS Director, Obinna disclosed that on the 4th day of January 2020, while he was being rushed to the hospital in a white Toyota Hilux, Chief Maduagwuna, the DSS boss Ebonyi State Command boastfully told him that if he died in his custody nothing will happen as he added that even Abiola died in prison and nothing happened.

Alleging that the Governor attempted to assassinate him to inherit the $145million deal, Obinna also revealed that he was told while in prison that an accident could be set up to have them killed since nobody knew about their whereabouts.

“Two days before I was discharged from the hospital and arraigned in Magistrate court along with others after the media had exposed the governor’s EXECUTIVE LAWLESSNESS, I was standing by the Parlour door to the room I was kept as I had just applied insecticide to the mosquito-infested room when one of the DSS personnel guarding me received a call and all I heard him say angrily was, what does he want me to do, am tired of this job he then walked up to me saying ‘now move inside, I say go inside’ at this point I shouted at him, saying I just flitted my room but he kept pushing me, then I noticed his hand was on the Trigger, immediately I shouted, you want to shoot me? My voice attracted the nurses on duty, they came and the two heavily armed personnel retreated to their seats”.

Obinna further narrated that “On 7th of January, the Night before I was discharged from the hospital, two men were brought in that were never among the ones I see running shifts at DSS and the Hospital, both of them looking fierce while one was heavily built with biceps…At about midnight or thereabout, I had the room light off and kept that of the Parlor on so I could see when someone comes in.

Suddenly I noticed someone had entered through the Parlor door, I became more alert and was ready to explode, the horrible looking guy with Biceps was sneaking into my room, I jumped off the bed screaming “You want to come and strangle me” and he ran back with speed and I followed him only for him to lock the front door which was never closed, I banged so hard on the door until the hospital matron who herself was on night duty opened the door and she was visibly shaking.

I told the Matron on duty and other nurses that I won’t take what had happened lightly. The DSS Personnel pleaded and gave an excuse that he wanted to use my toilet. And the question was; is there no Public convenience in the entire Hospital that he had to sneak into my room in that manner?”

With the SSS Director Chief Maduagwona, allegedly compromised and a willing tool in the hands of the Governor, it is believed that Dave Umahi may stop at nothing until he eliminates this supposed stumbling block and takes possession of the over N552billion loan as his greed seems to have degenerated to an unprecedented degree.

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