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Lawlessness has set in to Delta State, as the State Traffic Management authority, (DESTMA),popularly known as Okowa Police, has taken laws into their hands, as the Director of Operations, Sam Idah last week invaded and threatened to shut down a leading Radio Station, Trend FM, in Asaba, the Delta State capital for reporting the DESTMA officials in an incident were school children were disembarked from the school bus by the recalcitrant DESTMA wardens and made to sit on pavement on the road, while the traffic wardens made attempts to force out the bus driver and arrest the bus for unverified traffic violation.

Revelations emerged that the News Editor of Trend FM, Mrs Uba was on a live report at about 8:20 at the NTA junction where DESTMA officials had a problem with Banita School Bus, were she reported that there was a big traffic jam and she could see pupils of a private school sitting on the road and looking famished as a result of the long stay and possibly the early morning sun”. According to sources, the driver was having problem with DESTMA officials, one of the parents of the pupils who were alerted of what happened was hysterical, and as the Editor signed off, she said, they couldn’t speak with DESTMA officials because they were not on ground at the time of the report.

Ten minutes later, the DESTMA Director of Operation, Sam Idah stormed Trend FM office causing commotion that even bystanders took photo shots of his action”, the radio editor explained. Mrs Uba said the DESTMA Operations Director scolded her that, she shouldn’t have done the report at all without coming to DESTMA as the report embarrassed the traffic authority and the state government.

Findings reveal that, DESTMA officials also run after moving buses, jump into tricycles and barricade the road just to get at their offenders.

In the year 2000 in Virginia Court System, Secret Reporters gathered that Samuel Azubuike Idah who lived in Norfolk committed a criminal offence with case number CR000242800 under misdemeanor category on 4th April 2000 and was tried in Chesapeake Circuit Criminal Division where he was found super guilty.

Idah Criminal Record
Idah Criminal Record

Idah who parades himself as a retired Navy Commander from the US we can report authoritatively has never worn the USA Navy uniform or stayed close to any sea in America. Impeccable sources revealed that the proud Idah actually lived in the USA without any known source of livelihood.

We gathered that he goes about Delta State boasting that he’s the defacto Director General of DESTMA while Stephen Dieseruvwe who is actually the DG is just a figure head.

According to information pieced together by Secret Reporters, Stephen is actually just floating while Idah under the directive of Okowa actually performs the DG work. Using his Ika root, sources disclosed that he reports directly to some powerful figures in government house, ignoring the DG. The notorious criminal is not married but extorts money silently from drivers who breaks DESTMA laws to give to ladies whom he fancies.

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  1. The activities of this so Idaho is questionable I personally have encountered the idah himself n he introduced himself as a retired navy chief I didn’t commit any traffic offence my offence was that I was driving a car that is unregistered that just got to asaba the weekend of the day he accosted me. Okowa has to do something abt the criminal that he he has employed to be harassing people in delta state.

  2. Hello.
    Ordinarily, I would not respond to things like this but I want to say that it is unfair to write untruths about anyone.
    What you have as a Criminal Record was nothing but a Traffic violation – a Speeding Ticket for doing 39 MPH on a Zone marked with a maximum speed limit of 25 MPH according to the Police Officer. If you check the top of the page, you will that the case started at the General District Court and I appealed the first judgment (see Commenced by: ). Please refer also to the section marked “Charge” on the left side of the page and you will see SPD 39/25. Under the Code, you will see 46.2-874. That Code is for Maximum speed limit in business and residence districts. You can verify that. Under the Disposition, you will see “Amended Charge:” DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT. What the Judge said was that my speedometer was defective.
    Please stay tuned to learn what happened with the school Bus incident.
    I do not wish to join issues with your organization.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Sam Idah is actually the DG while dieseruvwe is the chairman.

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