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The Delta State Oil Producing Area Communities (DESOPADEC) Managing Director, Mr Williams Makinde will certainly leave the board as a billionaire considering the manner in which he is approving money for no tangible reason, revealed our source.

A meeting scheduled today which would have seen the 14 man board sharing a huge sum of N120 million among themselves have been hurriedly cancelled, Secrets Reporters can authoritatively report.

Our source within the commission revealed to us on Wednesday morning that the MD called the board members and said “The meeting for Wednesday is canceled. Didn’t you see what that boy wrote, with that media now following every board action?”

Since coming into the board, Makinde has continuously run the board like a private estate, where he’s the lord of the manor, dishing out funds to cronies without proper accountability. The sum of N280 million has already been misappropriated, source had earlier informed us.

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  1. Heresy is damaging esp for the wrong persons so i pray that stories dont replace facts which can and should always be substantiated before presentation. Truth is, inadequate info is as damaging as misinformation. To err is human and though most desire good, it is usually the very hard work of the few that liberates the masses and nations. For those on the path for good now may you never tire or loose focus. Makinde seems Yoruba to me and dust never belong to a clean house for long. I have found out also that most oil facilities within the Niger Delta areas are headed by the Yorubas, Igbos and or Hausas, to me if the wall has no crack lizards cant simply be inside your house to bother you. we need to CLEAN house first. kudos for the good work done and ongoing …

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