Wednesday , November 29 2023


I laughed out loud when I read Mazi Odera, aka APGA Alaigbo’s rant on Saturday morning over the $11.4m ultra-modern abattoir flagged off yesterday by Governor Willie ‎Obiano of Anambra State. Odera (Stanley Chira actually) who earns a living from attacking the governor of his state and spitting on the exalted office that other responsible citizens revere, seems to have run out of the staple for his comical trade. How else would one analyse his decision to create ridiculous illusions and mislead the people on the Abattoir project that governor Obiano flagged off on Friday?

If Odera were still in self-possession, would he be criticising and creating confusion about such a huge investment in-flow into the state at a time when other governors are frantically looking for investors that would set up businesses in their states and bolster their Internally Generated Revenue base, create massive employment and cut down on the handouts from Abuja?

Odera’s piece is a jumble of ‎meaningless babble that communicates only contradiction and betrays pitiable ignorance. In one breath he tells his reader that Obiano’s Media Team choose to hide the actual value of the Abattoir by stating the figures in dollars. Picture that! Can’t Ndi Anambra discern the naira value of figures quoted in dollars? In another, he shamelessly quotes passages of the Press Release issued by the same Media Team and screams comically, “it’s a blatant lie from Pit of Hell (sic).” Where is the lie here? That the investment is not worth $11.4m or that it was not attracted by Governor Obiano?

Again Odera quotes the Press Release lavishly but turns around like a cross-eyed critic to ask “who are the hidden owners of the company that is coming to enslave my people?” Are you kidding me? Did he not see the name of Engr. Dozie Abajue in the same Press Release? Did he not see Hyperfarm Limited in the same release? By the way, Dozie is full blooded onye Anambra. Odogwu nwoke ji ife ya!

In reality, what is at work here is something akin to a culture shock; Odera cannot come to terms with the new ideas that have come to town since Obiano was sworn in. He still can’t believe that there has not been one violent armed robbery or a high profile kidnap case in over one year in Anambra State. He cannot understand how Anambra has suddenly become famous for rice production, raising it’s rice production output from 80, 000 metric tonnes to 190,000 metric tonnes in one year. Nor does he understand the sudden rise in IGR and the increase in workers salaries when other states are roaming Abuja with begging bowls. Worse still, Odera is embarrassed that construction hasn’t stopped on the three flyovers in Awka and paralysed with shock at the very thought that aerial mapping of the Awka Capital Territory has been completed and very soon, we shall begin to see the beggings of a true 21st Century city. So, let’s indulge him a bit. He’s our poorly informed brother after all.‎ Shall we disown him when all he needs is some enlightenment?

Truth be told, if opposition wants to bring out the best in Governor Willie Obiano, some of these people screaming his name on Facebook and hawking stories alleging that his wife is dead come poorly prepared for that job. Every great democracy thrives on seasoned and constructive criticism driven by a knowledgeable opposition. Anambra is too far advanced to be informed by people who are in acute need of enlightenment.

Mazi Odera’s unreadable, zoological bleating gives only migraine. It cannot shape any policy direction or awaken any form of consciousness from the government or the people. So, next time you see his long epistles, save yourself the headache…press delete!

James Eze

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