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Barely 48 hours after Labor Party candidate, Great Ovedje Ogboru arm twisted the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) to endorse him as the sole Urhobo candidate for the guber election of February 28 2015, another major disaster has hit his camp as the Kings of Urhobo lands have not only rejected him but disowned him.

This was made known to Secrets Reporters through sources who attended the meeting which took place at the palace of the Oharisi of Ughelli Kingdom, an Urhobo land known for championing the cause of the Urhobo nation. At the meeting which is tagged ‘Assembly of Traditional Rulers of Urhobo Nation’, we gathered that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa who was present to thank them for making their kingdom peaceful for him during his campaign was unanimously picked by the over thirteen kings present to represent the interest of the Urhobo nation and Delta State.

The Ovies and Ivies we gathered endorsed Okowa as the sole candidate of Urhobo land stating that he has the requisite experience to drive the State forward, as well as being a non tribal leader. Speaking on behalf of the Urhobo Kings, Oharisi expressed their readiness to mobilize the entire Urhobo nation to vote for Okowa, despite the presence of their two sons in Ogboru and Otega Emerhor contesting.

The Urhobo kings are known for their deep rooted cultural value that stand by what they believe and political analysts have already concluded that with this super endorsement of Okowa, the Ogboru dream of becoming a governor has been crashed. The kings are the same people, who have the final say on the Uvwiamuge Declaration,

A source among the Kings who confided in us stated that they had no choice but to support Okowa since it was obvious that with the polarization of the UPU, neither Emerhor nor Ogboru will be governor, as such there is need to rally round a more acceptable candidate who has Urhobos at heart.

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