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DSTV which has been the leading and largest used television decoder in Nigeria are scared and threatened by the immergence of TSTV which came with better features, and also at a cheaper rate. It is no longer news that DSTV is trying everything in their power to shut down the immergence of their competitor BUT resorting and stooping low to bribery is out of the box.

Secret Reporters discovered that DSTV are buying houses for each member of the senate committee on ICT as bribe. to not allow the use and immergence of TSTV, which was made to make things easier and cheaper for Nigerians.

A moderately furnished duplex in open and developed estates in Nigeria ranges from 200 million to 500 million naira. This implies that DSTV is spending billions of naira on getting houses for the Senate Committee members.

It was confirmed by Secret Reporters that DSTV has also bribed beIN Sports which is a global network of sports channels owned and operated by beIN media group, a spinoff of Aljazeera so as not to partner with TSTV in showing sports.

From further investigations by Secret Reporters, it was revealed that TSTV has being invited for a meeting with Nigeria ICT senate committees(the bribed criminals) in which they would label TSTV being labeled a terrorist group with claims that they got their right from Qatar.

Bribery has become the order of the day in Nigeria. The so called leaders and law makers are careless about what is beneficiary to Nigerians, provided they get profits in keeping their pot bellies fat.


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  1. What kind of economic system Nigeria has? Is it socialism,capitalism, communism? or all the three kinds of economic systems are in operation in the country with federal government control or in partnership? If Nigeria is practicing a free or capitalist system, then there must be competition. Denying another company to operate and compete with an existing one is nothing but monopoly, and it leads to price gouging. Let companies compete because competition brings better quality products and allows people to have choices. Nigeria needs as many cable or satellite televisions whereby consumers are not limited to one choice. It appears South Africa is replacing western countries by applying the tactics of putting Nigerian politicians into their pockets through bribery. What is happening today in cellular phone markets should give Nigerian politicians a lesson not to allow DSTV to monopolize cable services to the country. Let TSTV operate and the consumers will have choices which company they prefer. Globacom made cellular phones cheaper and it paved the way for other companies. Free enterprise doesn’t restrict innovations. It encourages competition. The few privileged politicians should not kill the spirit of free enterprise and competition in the country. TSTV will provide employments to Nigerians of all ages. We should stop mortgaging our entrepreneurial spirit because of money.

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