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Some call her Mama Calabar; some call her Mama Bakassi yet at the national level of our politics all know her as the political amazon of Southern Cross River State. So when my phone kept on ringing this morning showing her name I was wondering what tidings was coming my way. If only I had remembered yesterday’s political earthquake, then I wouldn’t have been surprised at the number of calls and articles forwarded to me for publication.

Speaking fast and rapidly with excitement, I had to calm her down and get my note pad as she spoke on the on-going crisis in Cross River PDP. Finally, concluding with a clarion call for Governor Ayade to accept the will of God and focus on Governance and his Senatorial ambitions.

Chief Ita-Giwa: Eyen …sorry for calling you so early but I haven’t slept all might because I am worried about our state and Governor.

Ita-ita: Mma what seems to be the problem?
Chief Ita-Giwa: Are you not aware of the political crisis in the state?

Ita-ita: Mma so whom do you blame for the crisis?

Chief Ita-Giwa: This isn’t the time to blame blames although the Governor has failed to heed warnings, govern properly and respect the political class and structures that brought him to power. Additionally, his one leg in PDP and one leg in APC haven’t endeared him to his associates or enemies.

Ita-ita: What are you trying to say Mma?

Chief Ita-Giwa: Not more than I have already said! The Governor must deeply reflect and retrace his steps and admit where he went wrong. Or else he is finished politically and won’t even get his Senate seat.

Ita-ita: These are strong warnings from an experienced politician like you. Are things that bad? Cutting in before I could conclude my sentence.

Chief Ita-Giwa: Truth be told….and you know I am a straight-talking politician. Everything has fallen apart under Governor Ayade so you can’t blame the Abuja front for trying to save our polity so Governor Ayade must accept the will of God.

As abruptly, as her words ended the call cut off and the network has refused to reconnect as I take this story to town.

Now I must confess that the intrigues and all are far above my pay grade but reflecting on Mama Bakassi’s words, it is perhaps time for our Digital One to reflect rather than fight a losing battle.

*** Ntufam Ita-ita Esio-efere is an award-winning social media commentator, advocate journalist, and brand influencer who has written for numerous Nigerian publications and is a co-editor of a popular from Calabar online blog.

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