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It is not out of place to emphasize that those who seek public offices must first as a pre-requisite be able to control and discipline their own household as this may be a very valid litmus test to ascertain if they are capable of leading the vast Nigeria populace. However, it is unfortunate that politicians in Nigeria seem not to have a family structure or have simply lost all forms of grip on their wards probably because they have been prematurely exposed to untold wealth and affluence thereby raising a breed of drug peddlers and hooligans.

Alhaji Tanko Almakura, the Governor of Nasarawa State is a perfect example of a politician with a degree in failed parenting and indiscipline as it is alleged that his son Khalil T. Almakura who is renowned in Lafia, Nasarawa State for mindless reckless driving as though he won a stage 5 race in the game “Need for Speed” has killed at least five people since his father became the governor of the state due to his driving menace.

SecretReporters gathered that on Sunday 14th of October, 2018 at about 8pm in Lafia (Mararaba roundabout), the impious son of the governor Khalil Almakura who was alleged to be chasing one of his numerous girlfriends on a very top speed as though he was acting an American movie, knocked down four people, including a woman who immediately lost her left hand as well as a man who lost his two legs with two others apparently dead (unconfirmed) and scores injured.

Warning! The link below contains images that may be disturbing.

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It was further revealed that following the incident, an angry mob comprising of family members of the victims who witnessed the accident and have proberbly heard about the appalling lifestyle of the governor`s son, moved in to lynch Khalil but for the combined efforts of the vigilante and other security operatives who rescued him from their hands.

It is alleged that security operatives and media personnel within the state have been given strict orders to conceal information about the incident from the public as it may impede the election bid of Gov. Tanko Almakura. We however gathered that the First Lady, Hajiya Salamatu Tanko Al-Makura sneaked into Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital Lafia, Nasarawa State, where the victims are hospitalized to foot the bills. The Governor has also gone there secretly to check on the victims.

The Governor’s 27 years old son we gathered is allegedly a drug addict, who was sent to school in a Malaysian University but dropped out, before he was ferried back to Nigeria, where he struggled to graduate from the state owned university.

According to a resident in the state, the governor`s re-election will only fuel the supposed “blood thirsty” nature of his son Khalil Almakura who has always been in the news for the wrong reasons and drives at top speed within residential areas and non express ways ramming into anything that stands on his way including humans.

The Toyota Corolla he drove to hit the victims is beyond repairs.

The Governor and his Chief Press Secretary did not take their calls, when we reached them for comment.

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