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Ordinarily, that Dr Fred has the appellation of ‘Dr’ attached to his name is somewhat enough for some of us to wish to accord him some modicum of respect.

Unfortunately,since Dr. Fred has retorted to peddling falsehood all about on Facebook probably due to his latest cleavage to Stomach Infrastructure as financed by his political benefactor, Chief Emerhor,he ceases to qualify for such a rare privilege. Yes by his personal contrivance , the Dr has forgotten that respect should be earned and NOT necessarily demanded as an exclusive right.

Just yesterday, in tandem with his characteristic mannerism,Dr Fred did a rejoinder to Fejiro’s piece where the latter had advanced verifiable reasons that saw Sen Okowa win the Gubernatorial race of Delta State rather than the duo of Chiefs Emerhor and Ogboru.

However, to some minds that may not probably be too discerning,Dr Fred ‘s submissions even in his warped rejoinder might seem plausible and so,some of us deem it necessary to dissect this his drivel;unraveling in the process, the lies lacing it’s contents.

First,Dr Fred avers from the outset that Fejiro is Sen Okowa’s core loyalist and Media aide who goes about seeking to launder the Senator ‘s political image or persona. And what reason does he adduce for Fejiro ‘s unalloyed loyalty to Sen Okowa?It is that Sen Okowa saved Fejiro from an unjustified incarceration in the hands of the Governor of Niger State and consequently, Fejiro has somehow become indebted to him.

Assuming that this statement of Dr Fred were true, what is wrong with Fejiro expressing his gratitude for such humane gesture of Sen Okowa and his VOLUNTARILY Choosing to join the Senator’s political train?

For whatever reasons that Fejiro chose to join Sen Okowa,how is that now by proxy,the headache of Dr Fred?Should Fejiro no longer exercise his constitutional rights of Association as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution without having to look back for Dr Fred’s cancerous ‘bad belle’?

Even if my intent here is not to hold brief for Fejiro, those who know him are aware that Fejiro has an independent mind that can never be polluted by the vagaries of politicking,not even that which emanates from Sen Okowa himself .Hence unlike the political leach which Dr Fred has progressively become to Chief Emerhor, in recent times,Fejiro has been about boldly speaking truth to power and cautioning the likes of the respected Sen Okowa on the need to shun parochialism, mediocrity,ethnic biases and sectionalism in his Government. That is a man with definable principles who at arms length,should be far separated from Dr Fred that has nothing worthwhile for which he stands for other than his stomach and pocket.

Furthermore, Dr Fred’s tendency of now always casting aspersions on INEC Staff that worked in States that the PDP won the Gubernatorial Elections is becoming very irritable.

For the APC as a Party(from which Dr Fred inherited his polluted political blood line),why is it now a norm for them to complain that anywhere the PDP wins Elections,such Elections MUST have been rigged against them and in PDP’s favour?
Many of us are therefore tempted to ask the APC : could it be said that Prof Jega that the APC always praises to high heavens had during the last Elections,connived with the PDP to send all compromised and corrupt INEC staff(if any are available) to ONLY the States wherein the PDP won?

Moreover, following the public outcry of the APC particularly of massive election rigging in some States and which necessitated the conduct of Gubernatorial and Senatorial rerun Elections in these States,how come APC still lost in all the States including Delta State?The earlier APC admits that (though they had won at the Centre due primarily to the political clout and personality of Gen Buhari) the Party possesses no solid structure and presence in States like Delta to endow it with any winning streaks,the better for them.

Yes,lest I forget. Let me warn Dr Fred to desist from arrogantly insulting Sen Okowa through his unfounded innuendos and tantrums that Sen Okowa is a member of his imaginary deadly political mafia. Dr Fred should know that Sen Okowa is our political idol and even when we have no qualms shouting this at roof tops,Dr Fred should be mindful of how he tenders derogatory statements against the next Governor of our dear State!Abeg it’s not easy to be the political bride of Delta State’s Electorate!

Sincerely though, I do not want to join issues with Dr Fred on his constantly disgusting verbalized vomits on the PDP Gubernatorial Primaries in Delta State. I think that I have addressed that sometime ago but may I not again fail to appeal to Dr Fred to stay within the precincts of his ragtag party of APC in Delta State; one which his master Chief Emerhor hijacked from the real and abiding stakeholders only because he forcefully overran them as an eccentric and egoistic moneybag.

By the way Dr Fred,when did you become the spokesperson for Gov Emmanuel Uduaghan and Chief Tony Obuh to now pontificate on their behalf as to how Sen Okowa arm-twisted them even in the face of all the governmental structures and paraphernalia at the disposal of the Governor to ‘buy’ the Ticket in favour of his preferred candidate if he had wanted to?

I will not also go into any details but it is common knowledge that it was mainly Divine assistance and Sen Okowa’s resilience, tenacity,widespread consultations and intense hard work that saw to his emergence at the keenly-contested and fair Gubernatorial Primaries. The PDP Gubernatorial Primaries has become somewhat a subject of political study and analysis considering how Sen Okowa was initially ostracized and his candidature opposed by many members of the political elite/class in the State.

How then were Tompolo and Chief Ibori(now in far away UK) the chief architects of Okowa’s gubernatorial victory and not the Delta Electorate who had their inviolable consciences and undenied political participation intact in order to make informed choices as to who becomes their Executive Governor?It must be then that such infantile and baseless presumption rides only in the incorrigible imaginative layers of Dr Fred’s brain.

Lastly,Dr Fred, your penchant to proclaim victory for your Principal even when the Election Tribunal in Delta State has not began the legal processes in earnest is actually sub-judice or an actual perjury.Please,let the Tribunal do it’s job and do save us from your annoying pronouncements that obviously insult the sensibilities of Deltans that chose Sen Okowa as their Governor rather than your maverick Principal that surprisingly came a dismal third after all your media hypes and posturing.

Quite humorously, you and your Principal have become unsolicited pest-like visitors to Gen Buhari ‘s abode these days. Hmm,is it not enough?
I guess you guys are lobbying for a Ministerial position for Chief Emerhor and your obvious selling point is the knack to want to convince the General that you have got Delta State politically in your palms.

Yet,you guys will deliberately choose not to remember that the General refused your lobby that he come to Delta State to bribe Chief Ogboru to stand down for Chief Emerhor even when all you cared for was the jaundiced endorsement of the UPU and NOT the acceptance of the Delta State electorate with whom power resides with.

Anyway too,you would not like to remember Chief Ogboru’s anger at being asked to step down for Chief Emerhor that he described as a political amateur or neophyte.

But in all these,Chief Emerhor and his cohort seem not to understand that Gen Buhari is not soul and mind with them on this political misadventure to ‘reclaim ‘ Delta State. Observe: he always refers to Akwa Ibom and River States as those needing legal attention with reference to electoral anomalies that occurred during the General Elections but hardly does he mention Delta State.

Even as we see Gen Buhari ‘s posturing towards Delta State as an indication of his coming to terms with the values and ethos of democratic practice in modern times,let us tell Chief Emerhor and his parasitic cronies like Dr Fred this one more time: there is no mandate anywhere to recover for Delta State Electorate never gave Chief Emerhor any!

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