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We had reported few days ago, in our last story, on how the Provost of Delta State College of Education, Mr S.S Ebisine, extorts money from students through fraudulent means with his accomplice Mr. Inyama Chuks.
Today, we will continue in the exposure of another series of his corrupt ways.
Further investigations by Secrets Reporters revealed that, payments for cards are made, yet the students cannot access the website.

Despite complaints from students, they continue to say they are working on it, and will ask you to summit your admission form manually after collecting your money. The corrupt provost, in alliance with Mr Inyama Chuks,who is the ICT Director in-charge of this misconduct website. http://www.coewarrionline,net.
Our investigations has it that payment for biometric is made, which the provost came with the idea, to collect illegal money from the students.

He had ordered the students to pay the sum of Three thousand naira(N3.000.00), which they said it was to collect their data.
After much groaning and grumble, the students were left without an option, they so they were forced to pay the said amount.

Checks shows that, they realized over fifteen million naira (N15,000000) from the students,
The provost has perfected plans to collect the money from the new students, beginning from the new session of 2015/2016.

There are illegal monies which lecturers still collect in their offices, in case students could not do well in Exams and Continuous Assessment, they ask students to pay huge amount of money to enable them to pass the course and if it is a female student, they demand for sex from her.

The Ag Provost Mr. Ebisine even encourages the dirty game because, according to reports, there was a time students held a meeting with him, and he publicly said, that lecturers can collect money from students if they did not do well.

He said especially those 99 lecturers the Delta State Government refused to pay
it was in 2012, they did a secret employment which Mr. S.S. Ebisine massively employed his friends and collected bribe from the rest who are not his friends so the governor. Dr Uduaghan heard about the dirty game, and illegal recruitment.

The governor refused to pay the people he employed. Despite this, Mr.S.S Ebisine still allowed the 99 group of illegal lecturers to continue lecturing in the college, and suggested that the only way for them to survive is by collecting money from students after exams.
Nevertheless, some of this group of lecturers took him to court, and now they are issuing new appointment letters to this them.

Mr. S.S EBISINE has been acting from 2009 till April 2015. The college made a publication of a vacant position for the Provost of the college, which about 12 persons including Academic Doctors, and Professors were interviewed.

But a mystery happened, as Mr. S.S EBISINE was the least to been attended to, which he used the avenue and the opportunity to bribe the committee with huge amount of Money worth Millions of naira. what the committee did was to give him the highest scores and select two others who did not do well and do not have influence in politics of Delta State, even one of the persons they selected was not from Delta state.

Their reason was that when the Governor saw the names, he will quickly pick Mr. S.S EBISINE as the Provost of the College.
But unfortunately, Uduaghan was not able to install him as the provost before he left office for Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.
What the college holds against him is that, he is not competent to hold the position of the provost, even though he hurriedly got his Doctorate Degree.
What the college needs, is a transparent person, free of intimidating students, imposing fees and someone who can run the affairs of the college without compromise.

Since his acting period, the whole college is out of place in the academic sector.
The total population of students who were admitted to the college has drastically reduced from 20,500 a session, to 500 students. Everyone is complaining, including students, non-academic staff and Lecturers.
More of our investigations prove that, for fear and intimidation that will come, they sometimes, deploy workers who speak against them to other departments.

reports is that, the Students’ Union Election in the college of education, Warri, was never a free one, as Mr. SS EBISINE used his influence on the election, thereby depriving the students the right to vote and chose the candidates of their choice.

Once you want to become SUG President, you have to pledge that you will always be loyal to him and obey him in everything he will do in the school.
Failure to comply means, you will be expelled from school and removed as the SUG president.

Watch out for more series of the Corrupt Provost on Secrets Reporters website.

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