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As workers in other Federal and State Civil Service smile home with the annual 13th month basic salary, most workers in the Federal Teaching Hospitals and Medical centres only got the December salary.
Investigation by reveals that the 13th month salary has been paid into the various hospital accounts for onward payment to all the workers various bank account, but this was not to be as the Chief Medical Directors (CMD) of the hospitals directed the account department
not to remit such to the workers. A source in one of the hospitals confided in us that the 13th month basic salary is not handled by IPPIS, rather the money is sent to the hospital directly who prepares what they call schedule and sends to the bank to credit the workers whose names are in the schedule.
The money which runs into millions of Naira we gathered have been diverted into private pockets of the CMDs, CMAC and top management staff. A source at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTH) squealed to us that most of the staff were ‘mistakenly’ paid the 13th month salary, only for them to get alert immediately notifying them that it has been deducted.
The CMD of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH) Mr Peters Etete we gathered made a promise last year to pay the 13th month salary during their end of the year party. One year after that promise was made; sources in the hospitals has revealed to us that not a dime was paid to them. He has rather connived with a certain Mrs Bolanle Nottidge of the Physiotherapy department to turn the department into a war zone. Information available to us is that Mrs Nottidge whose husband works in the same hospital and also a former CMAC do not merit being the departmental head, but different complaints against her to the management has met deaf ears.
Sources at the hospitals revealed to us that the husband, Mr Nottidge helped the CMD in his current position, a favor which has kept the CMD from meting out punishment to her even when she goes against the rules. One of the ongoing battles in the department is that of two ladies who did their internship with the department. We reliably gathered that they both finished their internship and were given their certificate of completion, but Mrs Nottidge with the connivance of Etete wrote to the Medical Rehabilitation Therapy Board (MRTB), claiming that they are yet to finish their internship.
Our findings revealed that Mrs Nottidge grudge with them stems from the fact that she asked them to carry out a study on diabetes, a statement she made casually during a treatment session, but they were unable to carry it out as they were due to go to their various schools to get their call-up letters for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This act we can authoritatively report turned the CMD and Nottidge against them. Copies of the pictures snapped at their completion of internship are currently under our custody, showing the HOD giving out gifts to them. 

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  1. Wen will all these end. Even teaching n specialist hospitals in the east have nt received Dec salary. How will they get 13th month. God save us frm this cult cmds

  2. I seriously don't know the difference between a CMD and a thief! I am beginning to think they are worse than armed robbers sef. God help them! Shey they know that they cannot take the money with them when they die.

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