Wednesday , November 29 2023


Information reaching us from the Taraba State government house is that the Deputy Governor, Garba Umar, who is now the acting governor has resorted to charms to keep himself in power. We gathered that he has flown in marabouts from the Middle East to help him cage the elected governor, Suntai Danbaba and make him incapable of returning back to power.

Garba Umar, according to sources has given a tall order to all the staff in government house never to allow Suntai leave his home to anywhere within and outside the state, except for Church on Sundays without his permission. We gathered that he has asked the State Commissioner of Police not to allow any plane leave or land in the State airport without obtaining landing clearance from him. The Secretary to the State Government, Garvey Yawe, who was appointed by the deputy governor, has written a letter to the Airport Controller to carry out the new command.
In a further bid to cage Suntai and make him depressed, he has also directed that all the governor’s visitor must obtain clearance from him before visiting, and they should not exceed three daily. All security details of Suntai we gathered have all been transferred while those loyal to Garba were brought to safeguard the governor, while reporting to him daily.
More unlawful acts carried out by Umar according to our sources is his directive that the Chief of Staff to government house should no longer come in contact with Suntai, while he has also increased the Security vote of the State from the N50 million it was to N200 million monthly. A very reliable source revealed that Garba has ordered his marabouts to make Suntai a walking dead, despite his knowledge that the Governor is fit. “The Governor is currently being remote controlled by the marabouts serving Umar, hence he is unable to act. if not, I can tell you that the governor is as fit as a fiddle”
We also gathered that the video earlier circulated portraying the governor as incoherent in words during an interview was doctored by the deputy governor. Another competent source squealed that Garba is gunning for the state governorship position, and he has decided to keep Suntai out of the way using any means, so as to achieve his aims

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  1. "We gathered that he has asked the State Commissioner of Police not to allow any plane leave or land in the State airport without obtaining landing clearance from him."
    Until now, I never knew landing and take-off permits are obtained from the police.
    1. I guess the marabouts remote controlled doctors who said he should go back to rehabilitation;
    2. The marabouts must be responsible for the stand of the TSHA;
    3. I am double sure, the marabouts caused thee crash;
    4. The marabouts hired by Ag Gov Umar have remote controlled Suntai's facial expression; etc
    Please, go and look for another rubbish to write.

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