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As the ICPC focus their searchlight on corrupt civil servants who acquired properties way beyond their means, this medium can authoritatively report that one of their big catch resides in Delta State.

Information sourced by Secrets Reporters is that for all the years spent by the Commissioners in Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (DESOPADEC), they never amassed the eye popping wealth gotten by the civil servant Chief Security Officer (CSO), Mr Shewo Edema. A source described him as so wealthy that he can pay all the immediate past commissioners who are politicians their salaries and allowances and not blink an eyelid.

Multi Million Naira Estate bought by Edema
Multi Million Naira Estate bought by Edema

What Deltans are not aware of is that the protest against the new Managing Director, Mr William Makinde by the Itsekiris, that a new CSO should not be brought in to replace their itsekiri brother is all a paid protest by the millionaire civil servant.

A source who confided in us revealed that “everybody has a right to their own personal safety and in this regard the Managing Director of DESOPADEC Chief Makinde should be given that right. The Norm in DESOPADEC has always remained so. When Chief Okirika was Chairman of DESOPADEC he had an Ijaw man as his CSO and he was replaced by an Itsekiri man as Chairman; that prompted pastor Shewo to fill that position as CSO of DESOPAEC . An Urhobo man chief Makide is now Managing director of DESOPADEC should he be denied that same right others before him have exercised? He’s in charge of the day to day affairs of the commission and would work with a person he can trust”, the reliable source ended.

Investigations carried out by us reveals authoritatively that Shewo has over 193 ghost workers on the payroll of DESOPADEC, which goes to various fiticious accounts opened by him and his trusted cronies.

Our findings unearthed his many properties scattered over Delta, Abuja, Ikoyi, UK and America, all gotten from the proceeds of illegal dealings made in the commission.

Edema in one of his numerous trip to UK, where he went to buy a house
Edema in one of his numerous trip to UK, where he went to buy a house

One of those multimillion properties is a super market called Exchange Super Market, oppositie Urhobo College in Warri. This shopping centre is powered by a generator he ‘stole’ from DESOPADEC warehouse. He’s also an owner of a guest house in Ekpan with a duplex recently bought in Lekki.

The Super Market owned by Edema and powered by Generator taken from DESOPADEC
The Super Market owned by Edema and powered by Generator taken from DESOPADEC


Shewo who is a grade level 13 officer recently bought 6 flats for N15 million each which he’s currently renovating to give out as rent. Very close to Okere Prison is a three storey building with his law firm, Shewo Edema and Co sitting on the top most floors. He also owns the building.

The plaza owned by Edema and his Multi Million Naira Estate
The plaza owned by Edema and his Multi Million Naira Estate


The embattled CSO who has 3 girls and a boy lives in a palatial mansion in Warri GRA, close to the collapsed bride by Nana College. The mansion is blue on the left after the bridge with the gate always locked.

Edema and Wife in his palatial compound
Edema and Wife in his palatial compound

According to a very competent source, Shewo is a professional blackmailer, who gets sensitive official financial documents indicting members of the board; and send it to the EFCC and ICPC. In the process, he blackmails the commission into parting with millions of Naira so as to talk to the anti graft commission, where he goes back to strike a deal with them and gets his cut of the money to lodge into his account. One of these accounts has been frozen by the EFCC after it was discovered that money was laundered through it, though details of it are still sketchy as at press time.

As at the time of filing in this report, we have it on good note that he has refused to vacate office for the new CSO, Mr Daniel Oyovwikefe, saying that he should work from the MD’s office.

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  1. Evagberien k.jaspar

    Comment:if all wat has been narrated in dis article, den d embattled ex CSO is up to something which must b stopped now before things get out of proportion.

    secondly, wat I can’t get right is y Comr. meyiwa khaili’s post on Fb last night?

    pls with proofs n constructive manners let dis b forwarded to security agents for proper Address, after all it is tradition of appointing whom you feel yu are more safe wit though like dat from inception of Desopadec.


  2. jude onovughe Igherebuo

    Dear secret reporter’s if I may ask after all good investigation’ and information made richly from your search and findings what will be the outcomes of those hardened thieves like Edema and others?

  3. What will u benefit from pulling down an innocent man who struggle to earn his living. If you don’t know how to earn ur living go and beg Barr Edema he will teach you how to fish fools

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