Thursday , March 30 2023


Secret Reporters

The dangerous plot to crumble the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) by the board arrowhead has moved to another phase, as nepotism and favoritism gives way for professionalism.

According to Secret Reporters ever reliable sources in the commission, the Managing director, Williams Makinde and the Executive Directors in (DESOPADEC), has secretly approved a memo for the appointment of their girlfriends as Special Assistants.

In the wake of this, Williams Makinde had met with the Executive Director of finance, Askia Ogieh to enlist a lady as SA so as to balance the male ones. Askia sensing that the deal will not benefit him told the MD that they have exhausted their slots for the position of Special Assistants, hence he cannot issue out letter of appointment and forward name to salary department, revealed our sources.

In order to carry everyone along to actualise his personal desire, Makinde suggested that the DESOPADEC law restricting the number of appointments they were to make, be repealed to accommodate their interest.

It was secretly agreed that, Makinde and all Executive Directors should produce one additional SAs and this was approved in a memo sent exclusively to all Directors concerned. “Only them were moving this file from table to table, as they do not want other commissioners and staff to know”, our source confided in us.

Unknown to Askia and his accomplices in DESOPADEC, Makinde’s plot was to bring in his secretary who was with him in African Independent Television (AIT) and allegedly his girlfriend, when he was a director of finance.

This plot by Makinde is to bring back the girl so as to continue their amorous relationship which they started way back when he was a Director in AIT, as well as use her to launder the commission’s money.

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