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It appears that public offices in Nigeria are seen as opportunities to enrich one’s pocket and strip the state bare, while private coffers of the selected few leading are bursting full.

Governor Ibikunle Amosun’s administration in Ogun State has been one the most corrupt ever in the history of the state our sources within the state corridors of power alleged. The administration has allegedly inflated the money used in the execution of key projects in the state, and twisted the figures to the advantage of Amosun who is the umpire here.


A list of projects allegedly inflated by Amosun was sent to Secret Reporters. Almost all of them according to sources in Ogun State has gone through immense inflation- the monetary figures input higher than normal, all in a bid to deceive the people. He recently deceived the people and Nigeria with fake pyramids of rice which was busted by or sources in the state and exclusively published by Secret Reporters.

The projects, the sum of money involved and their contractors are as follows:

  1. Project: Sagamu/Benin Express Junction/ObaErinwole Road Contractor: P.W Nigeria Limited Contract Sum: N8,046,000,000.00
  2. Project: Ilara/Ijohun/Ilase Road Contractor: P.W Nigeria Limited Contract Sum: N13,500,000,000.00
  3. Project: Ejirin-Oluwalogbon Junction Contractor: P.W Nigeria Limited Contract Sum: N6,698,490,827.58
  4. Project: Ilo Awela Road Contractor: CCECC Contract Sum: N4,946,069,512.58
  5. Project: OGTV brewery Junction Road Contractor: CCECC Contract Sum: N13,886,000,000.00
  6. Project: Lafenwa Aiyetoro Road Contractor: CCECC Contract Sum: N6,500,000,000.00
  7. Project: Ojere-Adatan Roundabout Contractor: CCECC Contract Sum: N7,832,704,250.00
  8. Project: Ikangba/Ilese Road Contractor: P.W Nigeria Limited Contract Sum: N12,000,000,000.00
  9. Project: Abeokuta-Sagamu Road Contractor: CCECC Contract Sum: N60,000,000,000.00
  10. Project: Mowe-Ofada-Ibafo Road Contractor: CCECC Contract Sum: N13,250,000,000.00
  11. Project: Sango/Ijoko/Ojodu-Abiodun Road Contractor: CCECC Contract Sum: N34,982,553,167.40
  12. Project: Moshood Abiola Way Contractor: Hi-Tech Contract Sum: N5,950,000,000.00
  13. Project: Papa/Ilaro RoadContractor: Hi-Tech/CCECC Contract Sum: N12,852,560,509.49
  14. Project: Ilishan/Ago-Iwoye Road Contractor: Borini Prono Contract Sum:N7,321,970,000.00
  15. Project: Magboro Under Pass Road Contractor: First August Contract Sum: N3,321,970,000.00 -Project: Moshood Abiola Way/Muda Lawal Stadium Road Contractor: First August Contract Sum: N686,482,500.00
  16. Project: Ijebu Igbo Township Road Contractor: Borini Prono Contract Sum: N7,900,000,000.00
  17. Project: Fly Over-Bridge @ Lagos Garage Contractor: Kepxing Contract Sum:N1,389,655,120.00
  18. Project: Fly-Over Bridge @ Mobalufon Contractor: Kepxing Contract Sum: N1,389,655,120.00
  19. Project: Bridge Over Yakoyo River Contractor: Kepxing Contract Sum:N3,164,447,582.10
  20. Project: Bridge Over Abule Ekun River Contractor: Veapo Contract Sum: N3,863,640,028.50
  21. Project: Moriamo Olorombo Road Contractor: SKTOBS Contract Amount: N146,000,000.00 Amount Paid: N20,000,000.00 Outstanding Balance: N126,000,000.00
  22. Project: Somorin/Ajebo RoadContractor: Zebra Gold Contract Amount: N3,610,550,000.00

Total Sum of Contract awarded – N233,762,706,542.35

Around 40% of this figure has been received as kickbacks from contractors by Amosun himself through his commissioner for Works. Of all the projects listed, 95% of them are yet to be completed due to “paucity of funds”, a source stated.



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