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Far back as 2005, former governor of Delta State, James Onanefe Ibori already prepared his exit and planned to still live the luxury life associated with governors, when other State Governors were yet to think of such.

In a bill which he sent to the Delta State House of Assembly and came into force on 20th April 2005, Ibori probably knowing that he may go to prison refused to write that any governor convicted of any crime within or outside Nigeria forfeits his pension benefit. Instead, he stylishly included that only a governor who committed suicide or was impeached by the State House of Assembly will be ineligible for such.

Emmanuel Uduaghan who succeeded him also refused to amend the bill to remove ex convict as beneficiaries, but instead continue to pay his benefactor his dues throughout the years he served while Ibori was in prison.

Not satisfied with the bill sent by Ibori, Uduaghan followed in the footstep of Fmr. Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godswill Akpabio by amending it to support the rich life he wants outside office.

In the amended bill currently in the possession of Secret Reporters working in conjunction with a British media, an element of inconsistency was noticed. While the bill was assented to by Uduaghan on 28th December 2009, the law came into force on 27th October 2009.

Unlike Ibori who signed that a four bedroom duplex should be given to a former Governor, Uduaghan amended it to a well furnished five (5) bedroom duplex to be provided in any location of his choice. Apart from that, he will also be entitled to the salary equivalent of the incumbent governor, as well as his Deputy getting the salary of current serving Deputy Governor.

As a former Governor, Uduaghan and Ibori signed away personal staff, security, vehicles, medical services, office accommodation and vacations to themselves.

They allocated to themselves a Chief Administrative Officer as well as a Personal Secretary not below Grade Level 10, selected by him and paid for by the government.

The very notorious promise and fail former governor also assented to the bill that three vehicles shall be bought for him and replaced every four years, with a personal driver selected by him.

As a former governor, he’s entitled to two armed Policemen and one State Security Service officer not below DSO and paid for by the service agency.

To live the life of a governor like his counterparts who allocated bogus pension to themselves, Ibori and Uduaghan also sustained free medical treatment for them and their immediate family within Nigeria as well as treatment abroad for them and their family where necessary all at State Government expense.

Uduaghan’s annual fifteen days vacation within Nigeria, which is never so is also paid for by the State Government, as well as a well furnished and equipped office in any choice location, with a direct telephone line also provided.

Uduaghan celebrated his 62nd year birthday on October 22nd enjoying his life like a king, while Ibori is still in London prison waiting to come home to enjoy his accumulated pension.

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