Thursday , December 7 2023


Your Excellency, Let me use this medium to congratulate you on your victory in the march 28th presidential elections and also commend you on your choice of ministers. The persons you have picked to work with you truly shows you have come to salvage Nigeria.

Sir. I thank you also for coming for the groundbreaking ceremony of Governor Ben Ayade for the 260km super highway and also appointing Cross Riverians in your cabinet; the Head of Service of the Federation, Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita, the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs , Pastor Usani Uguru Usani and the Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Ibas Ibok Ette. I say thank you for finding Cross Riverians worthy of handling key positions in your government. It shows you belong to nobody and you are for everybody my President.

I thank you also for fighting corruption. Today, trillions that was stolen from our treasury are been returned , that is very commendable. The name Buhari makes people catch fever. It shows you are a man of pedigree, a man who does have tolerance for corruption. A man of character and principles.
Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory said, ” Leaders of character live by standards, not by expediency”. You have brought standards and principles to Nigeria. Thank you Sir!

Mr. President, let me quickly draw your attention to the deplorable condition of the Federal roads in Cross River State, the Calabar-Ogoja-Katsina-Ala road, the Calabar-Itu road, are now death trap for commuters. Many persons have died in recent times on that road and it is one that gives me great concern as a Cross Riverian, Sir.

My Leader, during your campaigns in Calabar, you tongued lashed that the road had been abandoned by past administration and promised that you were going to fix the Calabar-Ogoja-Katisna- Ala road, Calabar-Itu road. Sir, please keep your promise and move swiftly into repairing the road. Nigerians are dying daily on those roads.

Sir, you won the last elections because you are believed and perceived to be a man who has the capacity to move Nigeria forward. I am not an APC member but I have keyed into your ideology of Buharism of restoring Nigeria. I plead that you speedily step into the Federal roads in Cross River State.

Sir, your a man of uncommon attribute and integrity, I will plead that the federal roads in Cross River State be captured in the 2016 budget. I do understand that the nation is experiencing hard times as a result of the fall in price of oil in international market to $36 dollars per barrel. I can imagine the pressure you are currently going through Mr. President in fixing our nation. But this is the time you need to prove to the Cross River people that you are for them. Please fix our roads. Many persons have died on that road. A journey that takes 2 hours to Ogoja from Calabar now takes 8 hours. Sir, it is a passionate appeal that you look at the plight of your citizens and repair that road.

Sir, Cross River State is bordered by so many neighboring countries and the Calabar sea port is not functional. I will plead that you dredge the Calabar sea port, this is to decongest the Lagos sea port. In keying to the Calabar sea port project, it will create a lot of employment for Nigerians and diversify our economy, since we are at a time where we are looking for alternative sources of income to boost our economy.

Sir, I will plead, that the people of Bakassi be rehabilitated. The people of Bakassi are now refugees in their own ancestral land. The people of Bakassi are suffering are and in abject poverty. I will suggest that a restoration program be carried out in giving succour to the Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) from Bakassi. In carrying out the program, I will also suggest that men and women of content and character be used in achieving the programme.

I am optimistic that as a man with rare leadership qualities, you will collaborate with Governor Ayade in moving Cross River and Nigeria forward.

Let me thank you for the cordial relationship Cross River State has enjoyed with the Federal Government in the last six months. I have no doubt in my heart that the relationship you have with Governor Ben Ayade is going to yield ripe fruits for the good of Cross River State.

I trust that God has brought you at this critical period for the emancipation of mankind.

Prince Thomas Abi Jr.
Is a Public Affairs Analyst/Social Commentator

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