Monday , November 21 2022


The Directorate of Security Services (DSS) has reportedly told Governor Ayodele Fayose to get out of Ekiti State ahead of tomorrow rally by the presidential candidate of APC, General Muhammadu Buhari, warning that he would be held accountable for any security breach against the former Head of State.

The order, according to sources, is necessary because the presence of Fayose in town will embolden the thugs already recruited to cause mayhem in tomorrow rally.
The warning came on the heels of intelligence that all allegations of premeditated attacks on the convoys of the APC candidate and his supporters are true.

Intelligence sources confirmed that Fayose has procured the services of OPC members belonging to Dr Frederick Faseun faction through alleged help of Dele Olugbemi, a member of the House of Assembly recognised as the Speaker by Fayose. Olugbemi is a member of Faseun’s faction of OPC. The sources also confirmed that the thugs are being accommodated in Adesua Lodge of the Government House.

It was learnt that President Goodluck Jonathan has turned down Fayose’s request for security cover to enable him deploy the OPC members, who security services have confirmed to be kitted in fake DSS, Army and Police uniforms.

According to sources, the President is already disenchanted with Fayose after confirmation that the governor has turned President Jonathan’s election campaign into a business venture.
A source within intelligence community said: “The president has discovered that Fayose has his own agenda. The presidency knows he will be removed. He himself is aware of this and so he is using the president’s campaign as a business venture to make money.

“The President is angry with him for two reasons. One, the President was shocked that Fayose never spent one kobo in the N100 million he was given for Jonathan’s campaign in Ado-Ekiti. Instead of spending the money for mobilization, he was levying PDP candidates in the February general elections, including wealthy members.

“Two, the party top echelon is aware that Fayose is secretly making overtures to APC for safety in case Buhari wins, but in the open, he would behave as if it is Jonathan or nothing. The reason for this is to place himself in a position to be in charge of election funds to be deployed by the Aso Rock.The presidency prefers Mimiko but Fayose doesn’t like it. While Mimiko can be tolerated in the PDP national secretariat, no one trusts Fayose any longer.”

The source added that Fayose’s plan to relocate to Ghana after leaving the office is also known to the Presidency. “They have traced his mansion to Ghana. Fellow Ekiti indigenes have already traced the mansion and it was a marvel to them,” the source explained.

Meanwhile, Fayose has turned down the security advice to leave town, saying nobody can chase him out of a state he is governor. For now, Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, is upbeat with thousands of APC members already in town in readiness for tomorrow rally.

At Ajilosun state secretariat of the party, hundreds of armed soldiers provide security to thwart any plan to cause security breach while police are already on patrol of strategic areas of the state capital.


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