Monday , November 21 2022


Secret Reporters

In the running to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria,politicians have adopted measures (conventional/unconventional) to woo the masses to vote and support them to either retain their seats or get elected. One of the many ways of getting the masses on your side as a politician is adopting the “stomach infrastructure” approach.

But in Imo State, another new and embarrassing approach has been invented by the Chief of Staff to the Governor and governorship hopeful, Mr Uche Nwosu, who is also the son in-law to the Governor and the most influential person after the governor in Imo State

The Governor has reportedly concluded plans to install his son inlaw as his successor to help cover up the many alleged discrepancies and financial misappropriation associated with his administration, and the citizens are strongly objecting the choice of Uche Nwosu as the next governor with the governor paying no mind whatsoever to their cries.

Uche Nwosu’s wife, who is the daughter of the Governor, is currently in charge of the Rochas Foundation Worldwide.

The governorship hopeful went on the distribution of “Power Banks” to citizens; a move which is seen by many as derogatory and insulting to the people of Imo State considering the vast resources at the disposal of the candidate who also has the financial backing of the incumbent Governor, Rochas Okorocha.

This move is also seen as a mockery on the people of Imo state who’ve endured long periods of bad governornace and were hoping for a change.

One is left to wonder the rationale behind the distrubution of power banks by the governorship hopeful as it’s in no way a measure of the dividends of democracy they would hope to enjoy if and when he is elected as governor in 2019. Imolites who are still confused with the power bank distribution opine that if Nwosu is elected as Governor, there’s no hope for having electricity, since he has already given me them a source of powering their phones.

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