Monday , November 21 2022


Except there is a last minute change of heart by the Presidency, Rivers State governor, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi will be packing from government house today.

According to a reliable source, the Presidency has decided to interfere with today’s Supreme Court ruling between the governor and his cousin, Sir Celestine Omehia. We gathered that Celestine Omehia formally returned yesterday to the fold of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and was seen in the Presidential Villa, apparently to meet President Goodluck Jonathan.
The enfant terrible governor, Amaechi our source noted is already out of the country, as he has gotten wind of the likely court decision to kick him out of office, through presidential directive. Omehia who addressed his supporters in his hometown, Ubima, has asked them to remain calm and be rest assured of victory.
Another source squealed that the transfer of CP Joseph Mbu just yesterday from Rivers State is also a political ploy by the presidency, who would not want Mbu to be in charge of escorting Amaechi out of the government house, but a neutral police man; an act which will not raise alarm. “As we speak, all plans have been concluded to celebrate Omehia victory. He is the next governor”, our source stated.
Should the presidency have its way, it simply means that there will be no election in Rivers State come 2015 and the PDP would have regained Rivers State for the President.

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