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A popular Facebook user (SLAY QUEEN, in Facebook parlance) has been accused of defrauding her former aides to the tune of N11,000,000 (Eleven million naira) amongst other cases of infidelity levelled against her.

Mrs Umoh Gabriel (Facebook name), who is wife to a former and influential contractor to the Akwa Ibom State government under the Godswill Akpabio administration, Mr Anthony Luke, has been accused by her former aides of defrauding them to the tune of 11 million, under the pretence of helping them invest in a ponzi scheme.

According to our sources, Mrs Umoh Gabriel reportedly collected these sums from her aides with an apparent intent of defrauding them. Mrs Umoh, who is seen to lead an extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle owing to her flaunting of wealth and jewelries and trending fashion outfits on social media.

She collected these monies with the promise of helping them get interest on their investments but instead kept the accruing interests to herself thereby depriving the investors of their benefits.

On asking for their money back, Mrs Umoh resorted to threats and fetish means to scare away the said aides and keep the cash to herself.

In another related development, Mrs Umoh has been accused of marital infidelity by the same aides who apparently are privy to her extra marital affairs with young men in and around the city of Uyo.

Sources indicate she’s been labelled SUGAR MUMMY owing to her relations with young men who she reportedly sleeps with. It leaves a lot to be desired about the activities of married women in the City of Uyo.

On a phone interaction with one of our reporters, she denied having any aide or maid and claims it’s a case of blackmail and subsequent threat to her life and that of her family as she has contacted the relevant government agencies to take charge of the situation

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