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A document making the rounds on social media have clearly shown the level of Impunity that has eaten deep into most academic institutions in Nigeria where most lecturers who now see themselves as gods demand outrageous items from students before they are allowed to defend their project.

The document which was issued by the Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology Owerri as confirmed by multiple sources had outrageous items listed as requirements for students prior to defending their project.

Some of the items listed in the document include; a cooler of Rice with Chicken/Vegetables or Salad, four cartons of water, three cartons of Malt, two bottles of groundnut and one bucket of Garden egg.

Two packets of toothpick and a set of disposable plates and spoons were also added to the list with the most bizarre item being a packet of middle-sized waterproof, arguably to serve as a takeaway pack after the lecturers must have had their fill.

Findings showed that with the current price of foodstuffs in the market, a cooler of rice will possibly cost each student about N10,000. Four cartons of water will see them spending nothing less than N4000, while a carton of Malt and two bottles of groundnut will take N3600 and N3000 respectively.

After the purchase of lesser items like toothpicks, waterproof, and disposable cups, such a student must have spent more than N20000 to fulfil the requirement before he is allowed to stand before the lecturers and defend what he learnt.

It is, however, alleged that this act has become a tradition in not just the Federal University of Technology Owerri but in most post-graduate schools across the country as failure to comply usually comes with consequences. Higher grades we learned in most cases are awarded to students who strive to satisfy these Academic gluttons.

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