Monday , December 4 2023


Eneh John

Give me Liberty or Give me Death-Patrick Henry(1774)

As the All Progressives Congress (APC)faithfuls and Akwa Ibomites welcome you to our beloved state on tuesday,I have painstakingly written this letter to you to understand that any friendly reception offered you by Godswill Akpabio and his exco throughout your stay in Akwa Ibom is a sham.

I will state here explicitly, that though Your Excellency, you will try to bridge gaps and carry people along in your administration,people like Akpabio has no place in the annals of History of good governance.

His Excellency, let me state here that the people who worked for you in Akwa Ibom did that without any form of gratification because we didn’t want change just for ourselves, but for our generations.

The thousands of volunteers from Awa Ibom state said we wanted Buhari.

One of the PDP die hard faithfuls told me I was too young to be in opposition.

We had put aside religion and ethnicity to demand for a change.

Today, we got want we wanted at the National level.

We will also get it at the state level on saturday.

Before Akpabio will receive you at the airport, I want him to understand that it will be a rare privilege for him to come in contact with you as an agent of change.

Akpabio must understand that the days of impunity are gone in Akwa Ibom state.

Records shows in their Governorship campaigns how they vilified you, said all manner of things against you.

Akpabio can only be compared to Ayo Fayose who led a massive hatred campaign against you.

His Excellency, I want to bring to your knowledge that Akpabio has never hidden his disdain for the opposition.

Those of us who seek to speak the truth were seen as enemies of the government.

When I wrote about the hate campaign against you from Akpabio and his stooge PDP Governorship candidate which he wants to impose on the state at all cost, I was branded as a paid agent of APC who was sent  to attack the administration.

I told them they were only helping us campaign for you.

As they kept mentioning your name in all their campaigns.

Buhari had become a force to be reckoned with in Akwa Ibom State.

Under Akpabio’s watch, kidnappings,assasinations and all manner of social vices has taken place.

Never has he come out to take responsibility as the chief security officer of the state.

One Odudu Ukpanah who is a political prisoner kept in the prison in Akwa Ibom on the orders of Akpabio cum court, has been crying for justice.

Human Rights Groups, Lawyers,and individuals have pleaded that Odudu Ukpanah be released, but Akpabio has paid a deaf ear because he takes delight in incacerating people.

Akpabio had stated that you are too old to rule Nigeria, but he never knew you have been sent by God to govern and not rule.

His Excellency,the president-elect of our dear country Nigeria, the police in Akwa Ibom has been compromised with high level of partisanship because the Commissioner of police,Mr.Gabriel Achong does the bidding of the state Governor.

Sir, we will not want men like this around you as you begin your change movement in Nigeria.

As I monitored the presidential elections of March 28,as an independent observer, I saw a high level of compromise between the police and INEC officials in the state.

The presidential election result from Akwa Ibom was not a true reflection of the people’s votes from the state.

As you step your foot to Akwa Ibom, please be mindful of Akpabio’s gimmicks.

He equally hated Goodluck Jonathan and never wanted him become Acting president until GEJ emerged as president, Akpabio warmed his way to the presidency and contributed to the downfall of Goodluck Jonathan.

He will also want to extend his ill luck to you, but please be mindful of the demi-god of Ukana as he is fondly called.

Akwa Ibom state cannot afford to be in the opposition.

The youths and everyone in the state have resolved to take their destiny in their hands and cause a change on saturday through the ballot.

That handshake at the airport from Akpabio will not be a sign of friendship or reconcilliation, it is a pact of smiling, when his heart is bittered with you.

Give us Liberty Mr.President.


Eneh John,
Lead Volunteer for GMB,
Uyo Senatorial District,
Akwa Ibom State.

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