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By Yahaya Mohd Usman

Initially, I thought it was a joke or a fake news when I heard, Gov. Sani Bello was quoted as saying lack of continuity was the bane of Niger State Development.

But Mary, his spokesperson backed it up with a press statement concretizing what I thought was a joke taken too far, see screenshot after the write up below.

I think Governor Bello must be living in a different world to have observed that, otherwise he ought to have known that if there is any Government that jettisoned a preceding Government’s projects and policies, his own administration deserves a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Let me give empirical examples, Engr A.A. Kure of blessed memory initiated the Justice Legbo Kutigi international conference center in Minna, he left office when it was about 95% completion, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu took over and completed it and put it to immediate use, today, Governor Bello himself has no better place to hold any conference, if not in that edifice.

Engr. A.A Kure initiated the now known Engr A.A Kure market, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu put it to use by moving the Minna Modern Market from Mobil Area, now known as abandoned Minna City Centre.

Aright! Let us take Governor Bello and some of our readers through the abandoned projects and policies he, himself, Governor Bello abandoned, which he termed as bane of Niger State development.

Minna City centre, a well conceived project with a powerful design, capturing the essence and culture of Nigerlites, housing a tower, a mall, a freedom square where citizens will vent their anger and frustration with absolute immunity, Governor Bello abandoned it. 

3 arms Zone and the new commissioner quarters, Over 80% completion of commissioner quarters, Governor Bello himself testified that it is a laudable project, yet he has abandoned it along with the 3 arms zone project that would have seen Niger state building a brand new Government House instead of the billions now expended on renovation, fence and gate house of the old Government House.

The Minna Stadium, a great project that would harness the energy of the youth in sports, initiated by Dr. Babangida Aliyu, abandoned by Governor Sani Bello.

The Minna 5 Star hotel inherited at about 20% progress and an account N1.4billion with Zenith Bank left to rot away by Governor Bello.

Maikunkele – Maitumbi Road about 75% completed, with bridges and large chunk of the road already asphalted by Governor Babangida Aliyu of PDP but abandoned by Governor Bello of APC.

Niger State University of Education, initiated by Governor Babangida Aliyu and abandoned by APC’s Governor Bello.

Ward Development projects initiated by Governor Babangida Aliyu; A Government policy that pays 1 million Naira to each ward of the state to carry out projects of immediate needs of their community, now abandoned by Governor Bello.

Last but not the least, VISION 3: 2020. Governor Bello himself once said he didn’t promise anything, it was widely covered by the Media, every Nigerlite would have expected that since he has no vision, he would have taken over the Vision 3:2020 Statutory development plan packaged by some of the best brains from Niger under Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu’s administration, review it and implement but nay! It didn’t happen. So! Who is in a better position to take Governor Bello’s medicine of abandoned projects?

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