Fejiro Oliver
“Nothing go do Kelvin. You know know who him oga be?
He get backbone, na im make am fit dey do all this thing”. That was the opening
statement of one of the boys who lived in Kokori, hometown of Kelvin Ibruvwe
Prosper Oniarah, when we began series of investigations to find out how he
operates and how he got the weapons he operated with.

The name Oniarah is not a
popular name in the area, but at the mention of Kelvin, even the vigilante
scamper for safety. That was the aura that Kelvin moved around with.

This notorious kidnapper we gathered came into
criminal existence in Kokori during the 2007 election, when the polity became
tense on who will become the Delta State House of Assembly, as well as deliver
the votes for the Peoples Democratic Party. The leading candidate and then
House of Assembly member, Hon (Barr.) Emeyese Akpodiogaga Sunday, who is now
the Ethiope Federal Constituency House of Representatives in the National
Assembly we gathered form unconfirmed sources, who are indigenes of Kokori,
recruited Kelvin as his political thug, to help do the dirty jobs as well as
keep his opponents in check. His name however came into limelight during the
2007 election, where he single handedly saw to the victory of Emeyese.
Various sources in Kokori who spoke on condition of
anonymity allege that Emeyese provided the dangerous equipments with which
Kelvin and his boys terrorized the Niger Delta with for over five years.
According to them, Emeyese has been providing Kelvin with Security information
and confidential details on how to beat security agents. A source who spoke to
this paper stated that Kelvin was the brain behind Emeyese victory from 2007
elections, which he contested and won in the Delta State House of Assembly and
his ascension to the lower chambers in the National Assembly.
When the source was asked on how Kelvin contributed
to the lawmaker’s emergence as a federal legislator, he noted that the kingpin
and his gangs were responsible for snatching of ballot boxes and thumb printing
of ballot papers in favor of the lawmaker.
Another unconfirmed report from a source revealed
that the lawmakers had an agreement with Kelvin and his boys to settle them
‘big’ after his victory in the 2011 election, but Emeyese was said to have
reneged on the agreement, pleading with the boys to stay with him till the 2015
election, which he plans to re-contest. Reports available to us has it that Kelvin
had earlier told the lawmaker about his public appearance, an action which he
disapproved of, but Kelvin went ahead to appear in public, haven acquired
charms potent enough to disappear from the scene, had the security agencies
Emeyese we gathered had become jittery of recent with
Kevin’s action and had consistently sent emissaries to him on the need to stop
kidnapping and robbing, while he focus on the 2015 election, where he will see
to his victory. The source however noted that he could not just let Kelvin go,
since he was bent on using him for his political ambitions.
Kelvin Prosper who lived like lord we are informed
lives in Port Harcourt and comes to Kokori to show off his wealth, which he has
made from high profile kidnapping and robbery. According to a resident in
Kokori, Kelvin is a known face in the region, but the people have been scared
of inviting the security agents to arrest him, for fear of his boys who may
come hunting for them.
The Kidnapper who has given useful information to the
SSS, we gathered may spill the beans on other top politicians in the state,
including his alleged closeness to the current Ethiope East House of Assembly
member, Mr. Joseph Oshevire. As at the time of filing in this report, we
gathered that the now embattled lawmaker is making frantic efforts to kill the
matter and possibly get Kelvin from the security net.

Calls made to his GLO line to confirm or deny our
story rang once while he ‘busy’ the rest. His Airtel and MTN lines were
switched off, while a text message sent to him was not replied as at the time
of filing in this story.



 Truth comes out of error more easily than out of confusion.

By: Francis Bacon (1561-

Half a decade and three years ago, our fathers launched unto this continent a nation conceived in true liberty, without the sound of gun nor a drop of blood. This moment of today may not have been their dreams, but still yet I’m proud to be a Nigeria, and it is this immortal love for my country that has kept my ink flowing. Across this land someday; will October 1st be proclaimed the World’s Freedom Day. – Fejiro Oliver
If there is anything I regret in our 53 years of Independence; it’s that I have been a loyal and patriotic Nigerian. Had I known, I should have carried the rocket launchers and caused the nation sleepless night, that way I would have been called to Aso Rock and ask my terms of condition. Trust me, I would have told then President Yaradua that I wanted an oil block and a monthly salary of N3 million Naira. No more, no less.
So we are 53 years today and for once, all our Abuja based politicians and house boys governors are in their various state stadiums delivering one speech of transformation that is not seen on ground but paper work. In 1999, the shouts of freedom filled our lips as we all screamed at the emergence of democracy; little did we know that we were screaming for a new breed of criminals who will only make their lives and not ours miserable. Is it because no soul was lost in the fight and quest for Independence that our leaders act the way they act?
That old fox called Obasanjo in 1999 retired several army generals, little did we know that he was preparing them to come through the back door, wearing Agbada to come and govern us. Oh we never knew that fuel price which was N20 then will become N120 as our 2012 New Year gift and that a bottle of Coke Kerosene will now be sold for N80 instead of N12 we bought in 1999.
Nigeria at 53 calls for no celebration and if you think there is a cause to celebrate, listen; subsidy they screamed with their voodoo economy theory will solve the problem of the country, but now we know that the billions all went to private bank accounts. See how they systematically freed Al Mustapha; little did we know that the game plan was for him to join the PDP and help capture the North for them in the rigging movie. I truly thought that the sacking of the Education minister which I advocated for was going to end ASUU strike; little did we know that the President sees strike as a normal thing which should continue.
Didn’t they say that Boko Haram will soon fade out by the time our military men goes hard on them; little did we know that they will chase our Soldiers into the villages, scampering for their dear lives. Little did we know that Boko Haram will invade the barracks and cart away armories to use against the Nigerian government; and still yet you want us to celebrate such a nation at 53? Common folks, have our memories failed us when they offered amnesty to some boys? Little did we know that they were only creating few young billionaires, who will be rich enough to buy Jet, with some of them threatening the peace of the nation should President Jonathan lose the 2015 election. Little did we know that that the multi-billion naira surveillance contract to guard the pipelines will only increase oil theft.

Stop the Loot, Re: FG to Create Special Fund For State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities

“President Goodluck Jonathan pledged Tuesday in Abuja that the Federal Government will fully explore the option of creating a special intervention fund that will facilitate the rapid establishment of more centres of medical excellence across the country.  Speaking at an audience with a delegation from the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), President Jonathan described the recommendation of a special fund that will give low interest loans for
the establishment of state-of-the-art medical facilities as a creative idea that will receive appropriate consideration from government.” — State House Press Release
They wanted to fix our national problems with roads, they set up a petroleum task fund. They dub it a creative idea that would move Nigeria forward. They award billion dollar contracts to proxies and associates who construct cheap highways that collapse at half life of their supposed warrantees. Another vacuous leadership comes in and deploys the charade all over.
They wanted to fix our national problems with scarcity and high price of petrol within crude exporting Nigeria. They set up a petroleum marketing permit system, issuing licenses to cronies and associates with upfront grants in billions of dollars as subsidies. But the price of petrol and their wealth continue to go skyward, while Nigerians continue to go earth bound in poverty and disease.
They wanted to fix our national problems with electric power supply in which the country produces only a seventh (5000MW) of the estimated 35,000MW it needs. They repeat their petroleum management chicanery policy, awarding licenses to fronts and lackeys, which stand to date at 43 vendors, for a total of 24,000 MW potential capacity, some of whom generate as low as 20 MW! They call it creative thinking but Nigerian black men and women live from day to day in the dark. 
Now they wanted to fix our national problems of zero health care for the citizens, they are thinking of setting up a special intervention fund. They will give low interest (more like free) loans to acolytes and homeboys and award the contracts to establish so-called state-of-the-art medical facilities. They call it intuitive but the chintzy facilities soon stand unusable with half of the imported equipment wearing out of order tags within six months. Much the same way we bought Murtala Mohammed airport and a dozen other new airports across the country but can’t repair the baggage carousels  in any of them unless we fly in technicians from Europe. LUTH, UNNTH, ABUTH, UBTH, were once all centers of medical excellence.