Secret Reporters

It’s no longer news how Nigerian politicians lavish public funds in carrying out their self-gratification missions and then engage in fictitious youth empowerment programs just to fool and make mockery of the innocent masses.

Constitutionally, one of the primary responsibilities of politicians when elected into office is to carryout community projects, and provide social amenities that will enhance the standard of living and alleviate poverty in their respective constituencies.

Earlier this month, two constituents named Hon. Charles and Hon. Righteous met with the Member representing their constituency, Hon. Eric Oharisi (Ughelli North constituency 2) seeking to be empowered like many other youths, with a source of livelihood like motorcycle from him. The Honorable who saw the plea as a means to selfishly promote himself as a man of the people gave them his words .

In what seemed to be a disdain gesture on Monday 13th November, 2017, the honourable member representing Ughelli North constituency 2 and Chief Whip of the Delta State House of Assembly, kept to his words by “empowering” them with two motorcycles.

This gesture has been seen by many especially members of his constituency as way below what the honourable should offer judging by the almost limitless resources at his disposal, with some of the constituents having the opinion that he should have given the two youths financial assistance to start up something more meaningful rather than turning them into Okada riders.

It’s embarrassing that in the 21st century, humans are still being empowered with ridiculous and downgrading empowerment packages like motorcycles.


Secret Reporters

As Mr Ighoyota Amori starts his political consultation towards his 2019 Senatorial bid, Secret Reporters has uncovered how he bought multi million Naira choice properties outside the shores of the country.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart who rigged his way to the National Assembly in 2019 but was kicked out by the Court of Appeal in Benin is not just a millionaire but a billionaire, multiple sources confided in Secret Reporters.

Few months after rigging his way to the Red Chambers and before his swearing in, the Urhobo born political tactician took the next available flight to London to purchase a property, paying out rightly on June 3rd 2015.

Various documents sighted by this medium shows the property bearing Ighoyota G Amori, located in Flat A, 64 Queens Grove, St John’s Wood, London, NW8 6ER,

The property was bought for a whooping £612,000 which when converted to Nigeria’s falling currency amounts to N279.4 million.

A typical Nigerian politician, the Mosogar richest man has not done any notable business to warrant him becoming a billionaire, as he has been in politics almost all his life, engaging in government contracts and kickbacks, sources alleged. He was Ex Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan Political Adviser.

He is eyeing the Delta Central Senate seat again for 2019 to kick out the current holder, Mr Ovie Omo-Agege who won under Labor Party but has since defected to the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

Calls made to him were not answered before press time.


By Jerome-Mario Utomi

When one is favoured with longevity, says my grandfather, he must in the same vein contend with one out of these two inherent probables. If the individual is not met with a flood of blessings, chances are that such a fellow may be visited with torrents of afflictions during this extra or ‘injury time’. But unfortunately, I did not for a long time deemed it necessary to unravel what these words of wisdom connotes until recently when Robert Mugabe’s saga burst forth.

A few months back, after reading a piece authored by Mbizo Chirasa, a Poet and very prominent voice in Zimbabwe, of which the content will form the plot of this discourse, I concluded within myself that my dear Robert Mugabe’s days as president of Zimbabwe are numbered. But in the same vein, I neither envisaged it coming this soon nor contemplated it occur via undemocratic means.

Mbizo Chirasa in that piece opined that ‘the revolutionary CADRES believes that change in Zimbabwe must begin by changing the leadership matrix in the ruling party, including laying off their political lotterist Robert Mugabe while adding that c CdeChe and his cabal are tired of the Mugabe hegemony.

Mugabe, in that article, was roundly blamed for the infuriating scorn, the liberation veterans received from the verbal cyclone Grace Mugabe, whose verbal acid burns the fontanels of the eldest liberation strongmen, most of whom are victimized daily in the corridors of power. While concluding that Grace Mugabe has become Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is now Grace Mugabe. She has tasted more sweetness than bitterness in the power trenches since her meteoric rise to the politburo – the highest decision making Body in the ZANU-PF power structures. Case closed.

Very instructively, the above synoptic gospel marked the beginning of the end of the great Mugabe as the Zimbabwean president. While Mugabe travails have become a pulpit, it is now left for all to listen to what he sermonize. Conversely, Robert himself has learned no lesson from his current situation as he is still brandishing hope against all known logic
Adding context to this discourse, I will state categorically that I am not in support of his removal through an undemocratic means and will never support any group that gets to power using non-legitimate and undemocratic means.

With the above in mind, it is also pertinent that I situate firmly that the stage for this debacle was set by President Mugabe’s total consecration of himself, his government, and the soul of Zimbabwe to the ‘immaculate’’ hands of Grace Mugabe, his wife.

But In doing that, he failed as a student of history to harness the social responsibility postulations which strictly advised that every freedom must go with a responsibility. This political miscalculation of Mugabe as a person that loves education so much should be enough reason for him to seek further tutelage on managing women that is if he survives this onslaught. And provides a big lesson for all.

This occurred because President Mugabe and his wife Grace were deceived by a barefaced illusion that made them feel more nationalistic than patriotic. A compelling evidence for this claim is that at a point, they viewed Zimbabwe as their personal property thereby affirming indispensability and superiority over other Zimbabweans.

That to my mind was the missing link that landed Mugabe in this sorry state. A situation that should sound a note of warning to our present crop of leaders. The recent outburst by a serving senator of the federal republic that he will spend the rest of his life in the Senate, is a symptom of ‘Mugagbenism’ and need to be reminded that political positions are not ‘hereditary principalities’.

Another factor that the ‘lion’ of Zimbabwe failed to remember as a president is that; knowing when, and when not to, is the victory. Yes, I appreciate his love of education cum knowledge. But in all fairness, I must say that the volume of knowledge acquired wasn’t best applied. If not, he ought to have departed the political stage when the ovation was loudest without waiting for the military to come pushing.

In the same vein, I am well aware that Baba Mugabe as a scholar must have come across the aphorism which says that ‘for one to know about the road ahead, he must ask those coming back’. But on this ideology, Mugabe, again, failed as he deliberately decided not to ask or learn from the likes of Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo.

He did not also remember at any point to seek leadership tutelage from Mobutu Seseseko of Zaire and other African presidents via their biographies. Instead, he banked on his six Degree certificates and on and the ‘grace’ of Grace Mugabe. He brazenly allowed power to move from the corridor to the bedroom.

As a typical African, He overlooked the slim line that separates family -hood from leadership. Mugabe to my mind was a victim of ‘defocused leadership vision and his current predicament, we should draw a lesson from.

Still on the negative side, when the economy of Zimbabwe is peeped into, one will discover without labour that Robert was more of a burden than an asset. To buttress this point, it is on record that Mugabe led administration made virtually all Zimbabweans millionaires but economically powerless occasioned by uncontrollably galloping inflation. Yet, he did not border to carry out self-introspection that will help unravel the damage/disservice he was doing to both the economy and the people.

Comparatively, while Mugabe is bemoaning his current plight, the event though still unfolding has presented a very good learning platform for the current leaders in Africa as well as the leadership novitiates. But failure to draw from a lesson from his travails will definitely lead to the vicious circle of leadership failures and in turn increase the number of causalities.

To the Military, I hope and pray that their role will remain strictly interventionist function.