Sunday , November 27 2022


Secret Reporters

A Governor in one of the top states in southern Nigeria has just performed a fraudulent stunt aka yahoo yahoo on the innocent minds of Nigerians, most especially Cross Riverians.

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State who is mostly in the news for scam performed another one, when he claimed to have established a pharmaceutical factory situated in Calabar, Cross River State. He even went further to update a vacancy on a job site for the said factory.

The bio of the factory goes thus, “Calapharm Nigeria Limited is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical factory situated in Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria. The First State Owned Pharmaceutical Company. Calapharm Nigeria Ltd is the Vision of His Excellency, Senator Professor Ben Ayade, the Executive Governor of Cross River State to produce essential medicines listed by WHO for Primary Health with a focus on Mother and Child Health, and to develop self-dependency and stability in the supply of WHO Standard medicine for His fellow Nigerians. Calapharm Nigeria Ltd. is an equal opportunity company…”

An activist who the advert online noted that ‘’I saw this advertisement online for job opportunities in ‘CALAPHARM’, which was one of the projects the Vice President was lured to commission.

Out of sheer curiosity, I visited Cross River State with my team, and we took time to visit some of the project sites, including the so called CALAPHARM, which was still undergoing construction, with a few men on the site who were plastering and tiling.’’

Independent findings and enquiries by this medium revealed that the building is still under construction and will take another five months to complete it before it will be equipped with all the medical facilities used in the production of drugs.

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