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The “Blood of the Death will live to Hunt its Splitters”! The Nigeria Immigration Service is now in a fresh crises of employment scam, after the Committee set-up by former President Goodluck Jonathan mandated it to “Assist” the Immigration Board, ended up Sharing Money and Slots, instead of complying with its terms of reference. The Committee was headed by the Head of Service to “Assist” the Immigration, but not to recruit. It is sad that despite the Comptroller General of Immigration; Mr. David Shikfu Paradang being a Member, it ended up carrying out the recruitment itself without the Civil Defense, Fire Service, Immigration and Prisons Board which has the legal right to handle recruitment.

Authoritatively, sources in the office of the Chairperson of the Committee set up to assist the Board to recruit, fraudulently arrived at doing the recruitment themselves due to greed to share the Three Hundred and Fifty Million Naira N350,000,000 approved to “Develop Website”, and got slots for the Committee Members alongside former top government officials of the former President Jonathan administration. Also, the committee was unable to submit its report to the then Secretary to the Government of the Federation, and to obtain Presidential Approval and Ratification before the government rounded up its regime.

However, information available stated that poor Nigerians who applied online, wrote the examination and attended the screening were only allocated One Thousand 1,000 slots only, while the committee Shared the remaining One Thousand 1,000 slots among its members and former President Jonathan’s Presidency. Despite the representation of the Comptroller General of Immigration in the Committee, the Ministry of Interior and the Board, with legal right to recruit, were sidelined. It was reported that the supposed “Successful” candidates were sent to Immigration Training Schools with Text Messages, since there was No Authority to issue them Letters of Employment from the Board. What is most disturbing and worrisome is the lack of budgetary provision to pay the Two Thousand 2,000 recruited officers.

Here, we are with another Abba Morro in the Presidency. If Abba Morro, former Minister of Interior collected Two Thousand Naira N2,000 each from poor applicants, and made a profit of Four Hundred and Fifty Million Naira N450,000,000, then the Presidential Committee made its own deal of Three Hundred and Fifty Million Naira N350,000,000 from Tax Payers’ money, and cheated Nigerians with the 1,000 slots. We therefore call and appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari, to take appropriate action and punish all those connected or indicted in the Immigration Recruitment Scam.

Basically, Abba Morro and David S. Paradang are the major causes of the last and current Immigration Recruitment Scam. The failed recruitment of the 15th March, 2014 leading to the death of 15 young Nigerians, need to be revisited and key actors; Morro and Paradang be made to account for their culpability.

Meanwhile, the injuries and deaths of applicants were largely caused, due to overcrowding. Although, the Nigeria Immigration Service was mandated to carry out the recruitment, and failed to do it in a way that overcrowding would have been avoided. Abba Morro and David S. Paradang should be charged for the injury and death of innocent Nigerians. They were the ones who decided on the use of Stadiums rather than Schools, in order to mitigate casualties and handle different grades with ease.

It is sad to report that on that fateful day, both Moro and Paradang were busy attending the birthday Party of the then Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State. The failure was largely due to Over Subscription, Poor Policy Implementation and Lack of Supervision. The duo can be charged for abandoning strategic places like Abuja, where the exercise could have been cancelled and death avoided.

It is time to bring Abba Morro and CGI. David Shikfu Paradang to face the wrath of the law. As the current recruitment carried out should be cancelled, because of the fraud in sharing of slots and money. Let President Muhammdau Buhari set up a committee to investigate this malignant cancer that has consumed almost a billion Naira of the Nigeria State, which lead to the death of 15 innocent Nigerians with immediate effect. It is necessary to suspend or sack the Head of Service and Comptroller General of Immigration, to ensure a Just Investigation and to put an End to Impunity in Nigeria. We can as a matter of Posterity and urgency recover the people’s money, return looted public fund to the treasury and punish those responsible for killing the soul of our innocent youths, who were looking for job. We look forward to a system where every Nigerian can compete and get Immigration job based on merit rather than Whom you know.

God bless Nigeria…

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