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No matter how fast lies travel, truth will always overtake it. This maxim seems to be playing out in 2017, as a petition written by one Barrister Allen Agbaka and published by PM News on December 16th 2010 has finally being revealed to be lies and cooked up out of jealousy over the fortune of his childhood friend, Paul Sualeze Eluaka.

This reporter traced the lawyers root as well as Eluaka root and gathered that his name is Victor Allen Agbaka, whose mum was a cleaner with School of Agriculture, Anwai, Asaba. He started with Technical College in 1978, where he met Eluaka and they became friends. Their attractions were that both of them had big feet and were of same size.

In February 1979, Allen approached Eluaka that he was dropping out of school, as his mum has been sacked. Rather than allow him stay at home, Allen was literary adopted by Eluaka to stay with him. He was fed and clothed by the same friend, who was obviously from a rich home. He also worn his uniform of white and white to school as well as used his textbooks.

In school, Eluaka was called ‘Big Boss’. This name never went down well with Allen, who felt since they are both the same size, he should also be called ‘Big Boss’. To claim this title, he called for a fight between both of them. Sources confirmed that Victor was beaten in the duel. Out of shame, he refused to go home, where he stays with his friend. He was later called by Eluaka’s cousin who brought him in. They continued to be friends until they left school and Eluaka went to Lagos, where he was fortunate to make money.

Victor was in School of Agriculture when in 1985, which he was able to graduate from through the timely intervention of his friend. Eluaka came back to Asaba for a burial ceremony and went to Anwai to look for him and took him to his hotel to stay till the day he left. We gathered that he was unable to finish the school as he had some challenges and left for Kano State. Eluaka still went to Kano to look for him. Victor however got admission in University of Uyo, where he read Law and graduated. After his graduation, he left to Lagos State where he was squatting with a friend in Ojulegba and practicing with Gani Fawehnmi Chambers. They met again in Lagos, where the friendship continued. He began to visit Eluaka often with his lover, Onyinyechi who had two children for him outside wedlock.

In one of the visits, Victor told his friend about a property in Fadeyi and told him to buy it. Because of lack of trust in the past, Eluaka only gave him money for agency fee and initial set up and registration but the property was not secured.

In 2010, a mutual friend of the duo, Yemike Felix paid money into Victor’s account to buy a land for him, but he diverted the money to buy land in his own village, even though he knows no one in his place, as he was born and brought up in Ibusa. This led to a quarrel between Felix and him until his sister in London paid part of the money, before Felix could let go. We were also reliable informed that the ML car he currently drives is Felix own.

In that same year, Victor Allen took Eluaka to his home, which was very below standard, using archaic Television without a decorder. Surprised, his friend taunted him on how he could still live very poor when he started practice same time with Festus Keyamo in Gani’s Chamber and even climbed to Deputy Head of Chamber. That same day, Eluaka left for Benin Republic.

For old time sake, he stocked his car with foodstuff and drinks and came back to Nigeria; called Allen to ask him of his whereabout. He however learnt from Allen that only his lover, Onyinye was around, though she was not living with him but making her hair under the bridge in Ikeja. Onyinye lived in Maryland Estate with the two kids and not in Agbaka’s two and half bedroom in Gbagada. He directed Eluaka to the saloon Onyinye was where he transferred the things he bought into her own car. To surprise Allen, he stayed behind and installed a decorder, called people to wash his rug, filled the gas and made some other changes in his house.

On his way back to his house, Allen called Eluaka to ask if one of his boys called Pato was around, to which he answered in the affirmative. Unknown to Eluaka, he was asking because he was coming home with a lady who happens to be the lover to Pato. This lady according to information confused Allen, so much that he lost a case that should have shot him into national prominence. Information pieced by us revealed that a particular AIG of Police, Ekundayo Aina was dismissed illegally because his son was involved in armed robbery. Allen inherited the case from Gani after his death. On the day of hearing, Allen was engrossed with the lady and he had to lie to the retired AIG who was paying heavily for the case of his illegal dismissal that the flight was delayed due to technical issues. It was Eluaka he used in lying to the client as the ‘Airport Manager’, who spoke to him and ‘confirmed’ the delay; just to save a friend. Allen lost the case!

Ironically, the gold watch and other things that Eluaka left behind in Allen’s house were taken by him which he was not bothered about, as he had already left for Cotonu, which he wrote in the petition as been ‘stolen’ by Eluaka.

When he was suspended by Gani in 1999/2000, he was always going to Eluaka’s House in order to get communication from the office, as mobile phones then was beyond his reach. It was Eluaka’s house phone number he gave to Gani Chamber as his contact and when he was recalled, it was through it he received the call.

In same 2010, Eluaka’s daughter was going through facebook when he asked the father who Lydia Eluaka is. To find out whom she is, he called his senior brother to ask if any member of the family married Lydia and he was not told, but was told she has always bear that name since her days in secondary school. Out of curiosity, he decided to find out how many Eluaka are on facebook, when he stormed into a post titled ‘Lawyer petitioned IG over threat to life’. Thinking it was Maryann Jones, the daughter of Justice Eluaka who is a lawyer, he opened to read only to realize that it was him that his childhood friend has written about, using unprintable names.

He quickly called Allen to ask the meaning of what he wrote on the internet. In reply, Allen said this was just the beginning and promised to deal with him if he steps his feet in Lagos and threatened that Policemen are all over the place looking for him.

The next day, Eluaka drove to Lagos and demanded to see Allen. He called Allen but he handed over the phone to his elder brother who was with him then; who kept pleading that he should take things easy. After insisting on them seeing, Allen told him to go to Mississippi Hotel in Maryland and promised that he will meet him there.

Eluaka drove straight there to pay for accommodation. For two days, Allen refused to show up. Onyinye later called Eluaka on phone and busted the bubble. According to her, Allen was suspecting both of them as having affair and despite all her pleading that such was not happening; he decided to write to the IG of Police and sent to PM News as a way of expressing his unfounded bitterness. Eluaka could not believe what Onyinye told him and wondered why he would descend so low to date a friend’s lover that he couldn’t do when she was without a child and Allen was bringing her to his home, only to do so when she has two kids.

For the three days he was in Missispi, Allen never showed up. Meanwhile his sisters and family members kept begging Eluaka to forgive their brother, considering all that he did in his life since their days in Technical College. A lawyer called CON Akabogu was hired to write to PM News as well as Allen demanding for apology. Allen purposely told his office not to receive the court papers. Akabogu however had an accident that almost crippled him and he went to India for treatment for long, until the case forgotten.

Further facts gotten revealed that they later settled and Allen was even given a case by Eluaka whom he charged four hundred thousand Naira.  His ineptitude and drunkenness made him lose the case.

In the malicious petition written by Allen, he alleged that Eluaka told him he was a lawyer. We can authoritatively report that Allen deliberately lied. It was his cousin, Peter Nduka Eluaka who schooled with Raph Uwazuruike that studied law, and they stayed together on his return from India.



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