Secret Reporters

When one would have thought Amah Agbajoh will be seen playing his fatherly role of walking his daughter Onesirosan Agbajoh down the aisle following the pageantry and glamour of the event which held in California USA, the reverse was the case for the former chairman of the People Democratic Party (PDP) in Warri South Local Government who has portrayed innate characteristics of an epitome of the biblical definition of an ‘infidel’ as his actions shows that clearly to him, family means little even with his supposed ill-gotten wealth as he is soly focused on staying relevant in Delta State politics.

Guests at the occasion where bewildered when his wife Barr Mary Oyibocha-Agbajoh whom he abandoned played his role by walking their daughter down the aisle.

Findings by SecretReporters revealed that the outdated politician whose libido became insatiable like a dog on heat perhaps having prematurely seen wealth and affluence eloped with his concubine to Deco Road, Warri and later got married to her, abandoning his three year old daughter Onesirosan Agbajoh and a year old son in Lagos leaving the herculean task of taking care of the duo to their mother Barr Mary Agbajoh who according to reports was still obeying the clarion call of the one year compulsory National Youth Service (NYSC) with Agip Oil Company located at Engineering close Victoria Island, Lagos.

In narrating the motives behind her actions, the social commentator stated that, “For me, this is the ultimate…Walking my daughter down the aisle, strange to some cos it’s usually the other way round. But this is what you see when a single mother trades her everything to see her kids get the best of education and good life. This is what you see when a mother gives her all for her children, this is what you see when a mother makes her kids her first and only priority. And this what you see when a father abandons his responsibilities as a father but waiting to take the place of a father relying on the old Warri saying, ‘pikin go find him papa when they grow’ but this time was different”.

It was also gathered that Amah Agbajoh who has since divorced his second wife and is currently with the third, spends his money on women and drinks as well as on countless number of concubines scattered all over the city of Warri and Asaba, leaving his children with little or nothing to survive on resulting in their schooling within the shores of Nigeria.

“My Son has no single memory of him. He lies to his gullible followers that he’s the one paying their fees when he doesn’t even know where the kids live for 24 years. My issue is he should stop claiming my efforts; my sacrifices of giving the children good life, good education and you want to claim you made it possible. If he’s such a good father why has he not sent the other 4 children he made for his second marriage who are there in Warri to the study abroad? His Lies are my only issue”.

Desperately seeking for relevance in the murky waters of Delta State politics via an appointment from Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa, Agbajoh cunningly married one of his numerous concubines who hail from the same local government as the Governor in other to gain his favour; but this move many say may not change his ill luck as they believe that this may be karma paying him in his own coin.


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