Tuesday , November 29 2022


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The threat by Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State to expose the activities of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman, Adamu Muazu selling out his party to the opposition has been made real by him.

In an explosive interview on Monday recorded in Channels Television, he recalled how he went to visit Muazu 5 days before his own election, only to discover the shock of his life.

“I was in his house for 5hrs, few days to my election, he didn’t attend to me, he later came out to address us that, he’s expecting a visitor in his house, who doesn’t want to see any Yoruba man. I decided to see the visitor, I placed a watch on him, only to discover Tinubu was the visitor that paid him a visit”, he revealed.

Fayose who is known to keep nothing to heart disclosed how he kept surveillance on Muazu since that incident and got more than he bargained for again.

“5 days before my election. I visited Adamu Mu’azu at his residence. I was there for 5 hours only for him to come out and ask everybody to leave that he was expecting a visitor who doesn’t want to meet anyone here.

I was insistence and was later persuaded to leave. Since then I kept tab on him. I drove out to watch him closely down to the ring-road close to his house. There I realised that important figure was Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

When I returned he told me himself, maybe he has forgotten or not. He confidently told me. He said “Ayo, sorry, It’s Tinubu. Imagine the national chairman of a party, sending away his party members to receive, the leader of an opposition party”, he stated.

Speaking on why his opponents cannot be loved by the people, he said; “They want the vote of a leper, but they cannot shake the leprous. They want the vote of a groundnut seller, they cannot shake the groundnut seller.

I’m a local man, I don’t use bullet proof cars, I wind down the glass of my car to see my people and wave to them, encourage them and make them happy”.

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