There’s an ongoing fight within Obiano’s cabinet and it’s a no holds barred and very messy fight involving Dr Christian Madubuko, the current Commissioner for transport in one part, and Uchenna Okafor “Wiper”, who is the commissioner for commerce and industry, and Osodietipia in another part.

Dr Christian Madubuko is accusing Wiper and Osodietipia of swindling Anambra state to the tune of billions of naira, and that they are the reason why Anambra’s IGR is spiralling downwards on daily basis, he even provided account numbers and how much was lodged into them. “Within six months, a whopping three billion, six hundred thousand Naira was lodged in his access bank account number 0023xxxx65. Another eight hundred million is lodged in his fidelity account number 616xxxx25.”

He further accused Wiper of holding 3 portfolios as commissioner in the state under the supervision of Osodietipia. In his words, Dr Madubuko wrote: “As at today, Hon. Okafor is the substantive head of Anambra Internal Revenue Service, commissioner for Commerce and Industry and the commissioner for transport because he has not handed over the ministry properly to Dr Christian Madubuko who is presently Commissioner for Transport.”

You can read up excerpts from the exposé, as I quoted them all before they will say Odumodu Gbulagu is the one that wrote it.

“It is a known fact that the Commissioner for commerce and industry, Chief Uchenna Okafor (Wiper) is among the agents of the First Lady of Anambra state. He has boasted on several fora that the real governor of Anambra is Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano and not the husband. It is also a known fact that Hon. Uchenna Okafor is the only serving commissioner who has built a massive structure at Banana Island in Lagos State and is currently building another gigantic spare parts company at Awkuzu, his hometown. He has vowed to make sure that he unseats the current commissioner for transport because he is man enough to expose the financial robbery going on in the IGR sector in Anambra state.”

“It’s also important to note that since the unpopular appointment of Mr Okafor as Commissioner for commerce and industry, there has been a steady increase in the activities of criminals around all the major parks and markets, extorting money from the good people of Anambra State. The truth is that none of those monies enters the state’s coffers and those criminals are direct recruitments of the commissioner using the disgraced SSA on IGR Okey Anyayo as the front man.”

Investigation revealed that the quest to succeed in her CAFÉ Programme has turned the Anambra First Lady into a demagogue approving of every scheme crafted by Wiper and pressuring the Governor into accepting same. No wonder the hardworking Governor seems not to have any solution for the constant harassment of the people of the state by Wiper’s men at the parks and markets. It is an established fact that Wiper’s new motor spare parts factory at Awkuzu is jointly owned by Osodieme, the Governor’s wife. The factory investment is the major hold Wiper has on the Governor’s wife that guarantees her support”

“As at the last count, more than 10 contractors that worked in the state have died heartbroken and in great debts because of the abnormally long delays in payments for works executed while Wiper, Nzekwu and Osodieme are building factories and smiling to the banks.”

“Hidden revenue windows identified by Wiper’s foot soldiers are secretly tucked away by Anyayo, who prepares authorities for Nzekwu to sign off without questions and over 70% of such windows are unaccounted for. They go straight into their pockets. Osodieme takes 50%, Wiper takes 25%, Nzekwu takes 15% while the disgraced and demoted Anyayo, who also is Osodieme’s cousin, takes 10%.

Interestingly, Osodieme feeling the pressure of this expose immediately instructed her Press Secretary, Mr Ozumba to rush in defence of the corrupt and incompetent Uchenna Okafor, Nzekwu and her disgraced and demoted Cousin Anyanyo.”

“It’s on record that Wiper and Osodieme didn’t stop there. Their companies, Gold Fingers Nigeria Ltd. and Siva Engineering Limited among others are the conduits with which Osodieme siphons funds from the state coffers through the Ministry of Works and ARMA. It’s on record that it’s only these two companies that are being paid as at when due by the seems to be the Accountant General of the State.

In the last one year, contractors slaving for the State have not been paid. Some of them have slumped and died while some have slumped and are grateful they did not die while some have become incapacitated because Honestly. “

Points to take away from the exposé

  1. Governor Willie Obiano is not in charge of the state as he’s barely sober enough to know what’s happening around him. Osodietipia is the real Governor who hires and fires.
  2. If ordinary commissioners can be stealing billions and buying mansions in choice locations, imagine what the governor is doing.
  3. Crimes and criminality is on the increase in Anambra despite them trying to pull wool over our eyes just like the commissioner said.
  4. Contractors are owed and that’s why works are not going on anywhere in the state. Some of them died as a result of the debt.
  5. They have a lot of fronts they use to fleece Anambra, and the two companies listed in the exposé are just minor ones. I can call Willie and Osodietipia’s other companies.
  6. This further exonerates us on everything we have said about Obiano and his government.

If Commissioners can expose the rots in Obiano’s administration, I wonder what ordinary e-rats will defend again.


Anambra is in ruins!

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