Tuesday , March 28 2023


Our attention has been drawn to the above title of article where you singlehandedly ran series of spurious attacks on Sam Ikon, the Member representing Etinan Federal Constituency.

Ordinarily, we would not have joined issues with your article, or dignify your facebook post, but our point of note is where you digressed from Sam Ikon to bring in the person of the honourable member representing Essien Udim State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assemble, Rt. Hon. Nse Ntuen.

It is worthy of note to address the issues you raised against the honourable member as follows:

It is a false allegation laid on a false premise to have come out publicly to say that Hon. Nse Ntuen was ever involved in money laundering in the United States of America after he was completely cleared of all allegations made against him by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

The EFCC had stated in a statement that the alleged pictures circulated in the internet regarding Nse Ntuen’s arrest was doctored and superimposed to paint the lawmaker in a bad light by mischief makers.

The question is:
When all the allegations about Hon. Nse Ntuen were publicly cleared by EFCC, was Torobong taking a nap, or in search of a victim to attack in his characteristic nature of taking on political office holders through false representation of facts?

Torobong Ekpo should choose his battles wisely, as he should have known that the EFCC or the United States Government do not give up easily on cases that involve money laundering.

The writer had spewed balderdash, by taking on the bill being proposed by Hon. Nse Ntuen on local tabloid.
It is an establish fact that majority of newspapers in Akwa Ibom are fictitious, without an address.

Can Torobong Ekpo point out at least 15 local tabloids in Akwa Ibom State with a verifiable address out of the over 100 local newspapers in the state?

The writer also erred in accusing the Essien Udim lawmaker of manhandling an Ibibio Lawmaker during his reign as the Chairman of Essien Udim Local Government Area, when in the actual sense; Nse was never involved in the said allegation.This very case can be authoritatively confirmed not to have taken place as alleged by the writer.

The issue of misrepresentation by Nse Ntuen and Hon. Nse Essien had only taken place due to a minor breach in communication of protocols. Torobong cannot glorify himself with such a minor misrepresentation, to draw public attention to his hate speech targeted at Nse Ntuen.

The doors of Rt. Hon. Nse Ntuen is always open to everyone including characters like Torobong to verify facts before looking for who they can set out to malign.

That notwithstanding, Hon. Nse Ntuen, whose reputation as non detribalised leader will not be deterred in his commitment, dedication and service to the good people of Essien Udim and Akwa Ibom State.

Godwin Akpan is the presenter FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA, and the Media Consultant to Rt. Hon. Nse Ntuen

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