Monday , March 20 2023


Fejiro Oliver

In a sheer display of recklessness, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan closed the nation’s seat of power leading powerful Nigeria including his political opponent, Governor Rotimi Amaechi to the wife mother’s burial. A week before the burial, the slow working minister of Niger Delta, Elder Godsdey Orubebe quickly dispatched contractors to fix the spoilt road.
Below are pix of the extravagant spending

Governor Amaechi and Rivers Speaker dancing like they won election for third term
 The expensive tent that housed the coffin of Mama Francis Oba, Patience Jonathan’s mum
 The expensive coffin valued at N12 million
 Our Lady Macbeth taking Chieftancy title on burial day
 Clownish President Jonathan rejoicing in a boat after taking Chieftancy title
Three most powerful Nigerian, Senate President, Vice President and President who closed Nigerian for a private citizen burial
Nollywood band of thieves who turn burial to acting, haven campaigned for the President in 2011 general election
The Jeep that brought in dignitaries

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