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Interesting times are here, as we continue our searchlight on the activities of corrupt judges in the Cross River State judiciary, with Justice Ashwu Ewa, Ogbojor Ogar, Michael Edem and others, as arrow head of corrupt practices and putting up justices for sale to the highest bidder in Cross River State.

In what may smack of sheer unprofessionalism, and in his new found love of twisting justice and do the bidding of Justice Ashwu Ewa, whose younger brother, Raphael Ewa, was among the dismissed policemen, Ogbojor had in recent times, come under pressure, and threw professionalism to the waste bin, and admitted the dismissed policemen to bail, despite the abundance of evidence against the 14 persons who were involved in the extra judicial murder of Derrick Ben and 5 others.

In granting the 14 dismissed policemen bail, the corrupt Justice Ogbojor Ogar had said, “These men have been away from their families for too long, they need to return to meet their families.”

We have uncovered that, the process leading to the fictitious bail, has been enmeshed in forgery.

In his earlier ruling for bail, Justice Ogbojor had stated that, the surety must be a Director with the Cross River State civil service, present his official identity card, three months current pay slip and 2million Naira bond, and any other document too be confirmed by the court.

Although 14 bail applications were submitted for bail, which was countered by the State Counsel, they were still admitted on bail.
Few hours after the 14 dismissed policemen were granted bail with stringent conditions, 13 of them were released, which one was left in detention.

In order for the dismissed policemen to be left off the hook at all cost, with the involvement of Corrupt Justice Ewa, the court clerk in court 4 was told to admit that they had met the conditions of the bail, within 12 hours, which was a pre-arrangement between Justices Ashwu Ewa, Ogbojor Ogar, and Michael Edem, which the case was taken from his court to Ogar’s Court, for his perceived complicity in the matter, sources said.

There are strong facts that, the sureties were faked, to free the detained 14 men, but there are pointers to the fact that, one surety was used for the 14 dismissed policemen were Ogbojor Ogar recently said, it was a group bail that he granted them, when the dismissed officers had filed separate applications for bail.

There is a high level conspiracy between the corrupt judges and the Clerk in Court 4, as it appears, the dismissed policemen knew the conditions of their bail before they were even granted.

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