Tuesday , June 21 2022


The former CBN governor, Chukwuma Soludo once gave a detailed analysis of former Governor of Anambra, Peter Obi’s eight years in office.

The world respected professor of economics said that while Obi gloated about ‘savings’, there is no signature project to remember his regime except that his regime took the first position among all states in Nigeria in the democratization of poverty—- mass impoverishment of the people of Anambra.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, poverty rose under his watch in Anambra from 20% in 2004 (lowest in Nigeria then) to 68% in 2010 (a 238% deterioration!).

Prof Soludo likened it to a father who had no idea of what to do with his resources and was celebrating his fat bank account while his children were dying of kwashiorkor.

Nigeria’s best brain in economics, Chukwuma Soludo pointed out that since it is the likes of Peter Obi who are the advisers to Jonathan on how to manage the economy (thereby confusing micromanagement which you do as a trader with macro governance) it is little wonder that poverty is fast becoming another name for Nigeria.

Today, Mr Peter Obi through Valentine Obinyem and a host of futureless Facebook jesters still dance around the cyberspace celebrating the ghost “N75b”presumably left by Obi for Obiano.

I am not surprised though, if a former governor who is expected to rank with the likes of Tinubu should accept to be a Board Chairman out of desperation, his media aide can equally celebrate patchiness over excellence. It is a dance of shame!

This was sent in by Ndi Anambra.

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